Earthsave Sponsors Dairy-Free Living Event

As residents of Vancouver become increasingly more health conscious and collectively inch closer to adopting new green initiatives and firm environmental standpoints, the demand for public education grows, too.

One such area of interest, is dairy-free living.

Dairy-Free Living

Earthsave Canada has decided to step-up and meet public demand, offering a half day course that includes dairy-free living workshops and local product knowledge.

Dairy-Free Living is an upcoming event scheduled for April 3rd at 2pm, to be hosted by the Vancouver Public Library (central branch). Two guest speakers have been secured for the event, which include the following:


Élise Desaulniers is a Huffington Post blogger and award-winning author from Montréal. With a graduate degree in political science, she has worked in research and marketing for over a decade. Currently, she speaks in higher education and public settings to share her interesting discoveries concerning our current food system.

Vesanto Melina is a registered dietitian who has co-authored several nutrition and cooking books for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, and raw-food enthusiasts. Her writing has been translated into 7 different languages, and are popular go-to references for those who wish to reduce animal consumption or eliminate animal products from their diet.

Participating Vendors

Local vendors that will be present at the event to provide samples of dairy-free deliciousness, include:

The Gist

Yes, you CAN survive without dairy. The ultimate purpose of this event is to educate the public on the multiple benefits of dairy-free living, focusing on both health and environmental rewards.

For more information on this event, or to register for the event (which run from $10-$15), please visit Social info includes:


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