L’Epicerie Gourmande Introduces Limited-Edition Macarons

Mmm mmm macarons. Who doesn’t adore the French cookie that has taken Vancouver by storm with many bakeries and patisseries featuring this delicate meringue confection.  French Gourmet shop L’Epicerie Gourmande is well- known for its specialty macarons that have been created to celebrate occasions such as Mother’s Day and Canada Day.


In addition to its regular selection of classic macarons, starting August 21, the shop is introducing a Feature Macaron of the Week. “These are artisan macarons. Each is a mini work-of-art containing two complementary flavours. They are carefully hand-decorated and add a touch of French élan to a tea table, accompanying a cup of coffee or boxed as a special gift,” says proprietor Chef David Izquierdo.


lepicerie macaron feature


Priced at $2.25, a new limited-edition macaron will be introduced each Friday and be in stock for only one week at L’Epicerie’s shop in the Granville Island Public Market. Initial feature flavours include:


Aug. 21-27: pistachio and chocolate

Aug.28-Sept.3: lemon and raspberry

Sept.4 -10: tiramisu and coffee

Sept.11-17:  vanilla and cherry

Sept.18-24: chocolate and banana

Sept.25-Oct.1: mango and coconut

Oct.2-8: hazelnut and caramel

Oct.9-15: orange and chocolate


What happens if you fall in love with one of these limited-edition macarons? “People don’t realize they can be frozen,” says Chef David. “In fact many people actually prefer them that way or cold from the fridge.”


Treat yourself to limited-edition macarons from L’Epicerie and you too will be saying mmmagnifique!


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Pistachio and chocolate is the first of the limited-edition macarons. It is only available August 21 through 27.
Pistachio and chocolate is the first of the limited-edition macarons. It is only available August 21 through 27.


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