#TBT to EAT! Vancouver 2015


BC Place Stadium was the scene of a great foodie gathering, the culmination of a weeklong celebration of food and drink. The 13th annual EAT! Vancouver was an event that featured everything related to cuisine. There were demos and presentations as well as special exhibits including The Canadian Food Artisan Pavilion, Talk and Taste Stage and a Craft Beer Alley. Many of Vancouver’s top chefs were in attendance including:
• Vikram Vij Vij’s
• Chris Whittaker Forage
• Hidekazu Tojo Tojo’s
• Pino Posteraro Cioppino’s
• J-C Poirier Ask for Luigi
• Jonathan Chovancek Café Medina
• Andrea Carlson Burdock & Co.
• Ned Bell Yew

Also appearing were Anna Olson (Food Network Canada – Toronto), Carl Heinrich (Richmond Station – Toronto) Connie DeSousa (Charcut Roast House – Calgary), Andrew Winfield (River Café – Calgary), Jérémie Bastien (Leméac Bistro – Montreal) as well as Susur Lee, Mark McEwan and Rob Feenie.


Exhibits featured custom made knives, cookware and appliances, specialty food stores, barbecue sauces, gourmet sea salt, infused oils, fresh produce, organic dairy, jerky, breads, rubs and spreads. There were also travel booths to help you plan your next, food-related, vacation. Sue White, proprietor of Whitehaven Wines was in town pouring and promoting her delicious New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

In the adults’ only section, you could sample a wide array of wines, meads, craft beers and spirits. I was happy to see Roger Noujeim and his crew from Quini demonstrating their great new, locally developed, free wine app. If you like wine, be sure to check it out (quiniwine.com).

People came to learn about new products and cooking techniques all while having a lot of fun. If you got tired of walking around, you could take a break and grab a bite from around the world – smoked meat sandwiches, Beavertails, fries and poutine, gelato, Indian, Jamaican and Cajun to name but a few. No one left here hungry!

If you missed out, mark your calendar for next year (eat-vancouver.com)


EAT 2015 - 4 Mile Brewing EAT 2015 - Red Truck EAT 2015 - Lighthouse Brew EAT 2015 - Zwilling EAT 2015 - Yukon Brewery EAT 2015 - Wine selection EAT 2015 - Whitehaven Sauv Bl EAT 2015 - Vitamix EAT 2015 - Visit Mexico EAT 2015 - Van Isle Brew EAT 2015 - Travel India EAT 2015 - three speakers EAT 2015 - Terrier Blades 1 EAT 2015 - Sue;s Jerky EAT 2015 - Steel and Oak Brew EAT 2015 - sliced smaoked meat EAT 2015 - Sea Salt sign EAT 2015 - Red Truck EAT 2015 - Quini Team EAT 2015 - produce EAT 2015 - PICA EAT 2015 - Phillips Brewing EAT 2015 - Not Bacon EAT 2015 - Muskoka Brew EAT 2015 - Lighthouse Brew EAT 2015 - Kerkamios Kitchen EAT 2015 - Jamacian Jerk EAT 2015 - Flavoured salts EAT 2015 - Flavoured OO EAT 2015 - Divine Tea EAT 2015 - Anna Olsen Demo EAT 2015 - Cheese EAT 2015 - Cdn Artisan Food EAT 2015 - Bowen Island EAT 2015 - Bosa Foods EAT 2015 - Best Bread EAT 2015 - Bee Zen EAT 2015 - Beavertails EAT 2015 - BC CRaft Breweries EAT 2015 - BC Buzz Honey EAT 2015 - Bao Bei sign EAT 2015 - Bao Bei Demo EAT 2015 - Avalon Dairy EAT 2015 - Almond Crunch


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