Tacofino will be serving up its signature Mexican-inspired cuisine in Yaletown. The Tacofino Yaletown is the latest expansion of the brand and has become a mainstay in Vancouver’s food culture. The Yaletown location will feature a burrito bar along with fan’s favorite fish tacos and nachos. However, guests will find that majority of the menu is new and unique to the location.

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photo credit: Lyda Mclallen – MyVanCity

There are four main burrito options:

Cauliflower Burrito

The perfect Vegan Burrito

Lemongrass Chicken Burrito

The light, perfect for summer Burrito

Beef Brisket Barbacoa Burrito

The savory with a kick that will leave you perfectly satisfied Burrito

Smoked Tuna Burrito

The perfect beach day Burrito

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photo credit: Lyda Mclallen – MyVanCity

The original and first Tacofino restaurant began in Tofino, BC. Since then the brand has exploded and now includes a fleet of food trucks, brick-and-mortar restaurants in
Vancouver and Victoria, a legion of taco food lovers. Plus the co-owners Jason Sussman and Kaeli Robinsong have created a lineup of products that are Ocean Wise-approved, antibiotic- and hormone-free, raised ethically and made locally.

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photo credit: Lyda Mclallen – MyVanCity

Each new food truck and brick-and-mortar restaurant evoke the same sort of laid-back, surf-centric style that inspired Tacofino’s trademark cuisine. Walking into Tacofino feels like you just walked into a restaurant off a beach in California.The co-owners teamed up with local Vancouver artist Courtney Presber to capture a breezy California-chic and surf-centric mural.

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photo credit: Lyda Mclallen – MyVanCity

Tacofino Yaletown is located at 1025 Mainland Street. The restaurant will feature a 40-seat dining room and 16-seat patio, a full bar and a take-out service.

For more information on Tacofino go to www.tacofino.com, become a fan of /TacofinoVAN on Facebook or follow @TacofinoVAN on Twitter and @TacofinoVAN on Instagram.

Feature image: photo credit: Lyda Mclallen – MyVanCity

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