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Colombia is a culturally rich country filled with heartwarming people, music, celebration, family, and exceptionally diverse cuisine.  The one thing tying all of these things together was always Ají, a traditional South American condiment.  I created my own recipe of Ají, which we always had stocked in our kitchen to enjoy.

In 1999 I moved to Canada with my husband and our two children, where we settled in British Columbia.  I brought my recipe of Ají with us so that we could always enjoy a little taste of home.  

One day I decided to share my Ají at my son’s hockey gathering, so I added it to an avocado to make guacamole.  The response was overwhelming.  They said that it was something that they have never tasted before.  I could see that it excited them.  It felt amazing to experience so many people enjoying something I made myself.  I was so touched and proud.

It was this moment that I decided to turn my Ají into a business.  It became a dream of mine to share it with the world.  In 2005, I started Ají Gourmet Products and sold my first jar to a local store in South Surrey, BC.  Today, my husband, two children and I sell 8 Ají products to retailers across British Columbia and Alberta. 

Every serving of our Ají :

  • is gluten, soy, and nut free.

  • is low in calories.

  • is fat free.

  • is free of preservatives and MSG.

  • is made with fresh and natural ingredients.

  • enlivens your meals without compromising your health.

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