#MarketMonday featuring Scentimental Creations

  Natural products for a healthy body and home! If you appreciate healthy radiant skin, Scentimental Creations’ original formulations of skincare products – as well as products for your hair, home and pets – offer a completely natural alternative to chemical-laden brand names that is sensitive to both you and the environment, with no animal … Read more#MarketMonday featuring Scentimental Creations

#MarketMonday featuring Robin Ridge Winery

  The Robin Ridge estate vineyard includes 18 acres of well drained soils on the Similkameen Bench near the Junction of Hwy 3 and Hwy 3A in Keremeos.  The organic vineyard was established in 1997 and expanded in 2012.  The gravelly loam soil ensures the vines struggle and encourages them to produce very small yields … Read more#MarketMonday featuring Robin Ridge Winery

#MarketMonday vendor PASTICHE Foods – Savour the Good

  AS A CREATIVE FOOD LAB, PASTICHE IS A SOURCE FOR FINE AND LOCAL PRODUCTS — A REFINED COMBINATION OF TASTE, QUALITY AND AN ELEMENT OF ‘JOIE DE VIVRE’ We are passionate about giving you unique, natural and organic food using the most local, quality ingredients that we can get. Paté pastiche is my father’s recipe, developed over … Read more#MarketMonday vendor PASTICHE Foods – Savour the Good

#MarketMonday vendor ChopSwap

  How do so many ‘disposable’ ideas stick around? Usually until a better, reusable one comes along. Case in point… Year after year, the ‘old math’ isn’t very pretty. 11,000 sq.miles of forest minus 3.8 million trees equals 57 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks (plus the paper wrapping). There’s more… Despite their organic makeup, it’s … Read more#MarketMonday vendor ChopSwap

#MarketMonday vendor Aji Gourmet Products

    I was born and raised in Colombia to a Canadian mother and a Colombian father.  I attended Post Secondary at the University of New Brunswick and later pursued Equine Studies at Grant McEwan College in Alberta.  After finishing school I returned to Colombia where I pursued work with horses, as well as developing therapeutic toys for … Read more#MarketMonday vendor Aji Gourmet Products

#MarketMonday vendor  Tien Neo EaMas  Jewels Spells 

    Hello! I am a silver/goldsmith and alchemist, smithing since 1996 and practicing the mystical arts since 1991. I have a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University, Interior Design and Classical Feng Shui Certificates.  I am a modern day wizard, Feng Shui consultant, artist, performer, and inspirational speaker. Media appearances … Read more#MarketMonday vendor  Tien Neo EaMas  Jewels Spells 

#MarketMonday vendor Klippers Organics

Klippers Organics was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing healthy, high-quality produce to families across British Columbia. We farm in a sustainable manner, striving to give back to the earth rather than depleting it. Located in Cawston BC, we sell our produce at Vancouver Farmers Markets each week and to restaurants across the … Read more#MarketMonday vendor Klippers Organics

#MarketMonday vendor Six Legs Good Apiaries

East Vancouver Beekeepers. Local Honey, Local Queens We are a beekeeping company based out of East Vancouver, producing local honey, beeswax, and locally raised queens. Our bees are located in backyards around Vancouver and Surrey. We are incredibly excited to announce that we received funding from the Lush Sustainable Fund! We are using it to double our … Read more#MarketMonday vendor Six Legs Good Apiaries

#MarketMonday vendor The Hive Printing

  The Hive Printing is a small artisan screen printing studio located in East Vancouver, run by Norbert Mantik and Rebekah McGurran. The studio prints Vancouver-inspired themes, often using archival maps and images, all printed in-house by Norbert and Rebekah. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Norbert Mantik has a background in industrial and graphic design. He … Read more#MarketMonday vendor The Hive Printing

#MarketMonday vendor Gillespie’s Artisan Craft Distillery

  Gillespie’s is an Artisan Craft Distillery located in Squamish, BC. One of the newest in the wave of artisan spirit producers in the Pacific Northwest. They currently make 4 products from BC grown grain:  Aphro, a chili chocolate aphrodisiac elixir, “Lemoncello” a west coast version of the Italian classic, Sin Gin, a new American … Read more#MarketMonday vendor Gillespie’s Artisan Craft Distillery

#MarketMonday – meet vendor Long Table Distillery

This week’s #MarketMonday vendor Long Table Distillery will be featured at Ginapalooza June 15 – 29   About Long Table Distillery • The Long Table: A gathering place for kindred spirits. • Long Table was Vancouver’s first micro-distillery to produce handcrafted small batch spirits since the 1950’s. • Located at 1451 Hornby St. in Vancouver, … Read more#MarketMonday – meet vendor Long Table Distillery

#MarketMonday features Frost Bites

  THEIR BUSINESS VALUES + MISSION: To have fun doing what we do and to put a smile on people’s faces along the way. To create a community experience through a whimsical, nostalgic treat with a modern twist. WHAT THEY DO: We make real fruit and botanical syrups & cordials, using fresh whole ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.  No … Read more#MarketMonday features Frost Bites


  Vancouver Farmers Markets (VFM) will open its new Downtown Farmers Market this Thursday at Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, 650 Hamilton Street @ Georgia Street. The Downtown Market is the new home of VFM’s popular Thursday Yaletown Farmers Market, and boasts the same great vendor line-up, hours and proximity to transit as its former location … Read moreYALETOWN MARKET’S NEW HOME OPENS THIS THURSDAY AT QUEEN ELIZABETH THEATRE PLAZA


  The Food Pedalers have one of the world’s most unique urban farming systems – growing microgreens year-round in a greenhouse built out of a modified 40-foot shipping container. Chris Thoreau, Jaymie Johnson, and Ross Jarvis are the member-owners of the Food Pedalers Co-op and are supported by a great staff team.   Established in … Read more#MarketMonday – THE FOOD PEDALERS

#MarketMonday – featuring the Chili Tank

  The Best Mobile Chili Tank in Town You are looking at a circa 1943 military soup kitchen. My dad found it in Germany and decided to ship it to Canada. According to documents provided with the soup kitchen it used to belong to the Czechoslovakian army. It was refurbished and safety inspected in Germany. Proper … Read more#MarketMonday – featuring the Chili Tank

#MarketMonday featuring Lita’s Mexican Foods

  Our priority/goal/focus is to bring a flour tortilla to the market that tastes 100% authentic to Mexico and that is as natural and healthy as possible.  You can read about our ingredients in the Nutrition Information page on the website (no preservatives, additives, vegan, etc). Our other goal is to sell our tortillas wholesale … Read more#MarketMonday featuring Lita’s Mexican Foods

#MarketMonday featuring Cannoli King Vancouver

  Cannoli King Vancouver has been locally handcrafting Sicilian Cannoli for over 35 years. We make everything from scratch, from our dough to the fillings, its all done right here at Italia Bakery Vancouver.  We also hand roll, deep fry, and fill fresh Sicilian Cannoli while you wait!!! Sam started working at the family bakery … Read more#MarketMonday featuring Cannoli King Vancouver


   THE HEART AND SOUL OF A GOOD JOE  Sustainable Farming Practices and Social Responsibility Add to the Flavour of Mogiana Coffee  Before you reach for that familiar brand of mass-produced coffee, you may want to consider the benefits of a single-origin, eco-friendly alternative. Award-winning Mogiana Coffee, hailing from a family-owned plantation in the lush Brazilian highlands, has struck a chord with … Read more#MarketMonday AWARD-WINNING MOGIANA COFFEE

#MarketMonday vendor Warmerdam Specialty Daffodils

  The Vancouver Farmers Markets vendor Warmerdam Specialty Daffodils could be described as being the vendor of “few words”. We think the flowers speak for themselves.     We have been growing daffodils since 1992 in Bradner, B.C.   Bryan grew up on a daffodil farm close to our farm.  Farmed with his dad Ted Warmerdam … Read more#MarketMonday vendor Warmerdam Specialty Daffodils

#MarketMonday – Stapleton Sausage Co.

  Stapleton Sausage Co. is committed to making a quality product; we do this by hand-making our sausages in a local facility using only the highest quality, natural ingredients that contain no artificial preservatives. Our sausages are gluten free and low in sodium and fat (lean cuts of meat only from local meat sources). All about … Read more#MarketMonday – Stapleton Sausage Co.