(in)finite: exploring the finite limitations of humanity and the ineffable, infinite nature of the Divine.

A Canadian Textile Exhibition

May 25 to June 4, 2017

Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, BC


The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) is accepting submissions for unique textile and fibre artwork for their anniversary exhibition, (in)finite: exploring the finite limitations of humanity and the ineffable, infinite nature of the Divine. An exhibition space will be created in the chancel of Christ Church Cathedral to allow for approximately 40 works of various sizes to be displayed May 25 through June 4.


Artists working predominantly in textile and fibre media, including perspectives from First Nations artists and a range of faith traditions, are invited to submit artwork of a spiritual nature. Artwork will then be displayed in the stunning Christ Church Cathedral throughout the two week celebration of the AFC diamond anniversary.


“There is something particularly powerful in the use of textiles in sacred practice – whether for personal devotion, to decorate sacred space or to enhance worship,” said Thomas Roach, exhibition manager.


Artwork for the exhibition will be selected from submissions by a Curating Circle consisting of Angela Clarke, Barbara Heller and Debra Sparrow. Dr. Angela Clarke holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of British Columbia specializing in Italian women, religion, and decorative art. She is the Museum Director and Curator of Il Museo at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. Barbara Heller has degrees in psychology and art education, and has spent many years exploring the fine arts before devoting herself full time to tapestry. Exhibiting locally, nationally, and internationally, Barbara’s tapestries have been featured in books, magazines, and newspaper articles. Born and raised on the Musqueam Indian Reserve, Debra Sparrow is self-taught in Salish design and jewellery-making. An acclaimed weaver for twenty years, she is deeply involved with the revival of Musqueam weaving.


The exhibition manager is Thomas Roach. Vancouver based textile and liturgical artist Thomas Roach holds a Textile Arts Diploma from Capilano University. His artwork is included in church and private collections and as part of exhibition tours from coast to coast. He co-led the Common Threads Indigo Quilt project, while The Prayers of the Church project is the result of his nine-month artist residency in 2016.


Canadian resident artists who work in textile and fibre media are encouraged to submit work designed for personal meditation, devotional use, community prayer, or public worship to the Curating Circle. Artworks that may be included in the exhibition include devotional wall-hangings, mandalas, liturgical textiles, prayer flags, banners, ceremonial robes or vestments, prayer rugs – or any other work, or the process of making of that work, that connects the artist to their understanding of the divine.


Deadline for artwork to be submitted to the curating circle is Friday, February 17, 2017. Artists will be notified of their inclusion in the exhibition in early March. Work selected for exhibition to be received at the exhibition venue no later than Friday, May 12, 2017 and will be returned immediately following.


For more details and submission guidelines visit



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