Blenz Coffee Launches the Turmeric Latte

Blenz Coffee has launched the Turmeric Latte at all of their 61 locations. The lattes are vegan, dairy free, caffeine free, sugar free, and have no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.

“Turmeric has endless health benefits and is commonly known for its anti-inflammatory properties,” said Janelle Saccucci, Director of Marketing and Communications for Blenz Coffee. “Superfood drinks are continuing to becoming a growing trend amongst health-conscious consumers, which is why we are so excited to bring this Turmeric Latte to our customers.”

This is the second superfood latte Blenz has introduced, joining their already popular Matcha Latte. As Blenz was the first to bring the Matcha Latte to Vancouver, this new superfood drink showcases their commitment to bring innovative new items to their health-conscious consumers that are looking for coffee alternatives. The drink was created with a local Vancouver company, Blume, who designed this blend specifically for Blenz.

“If you’re looking for a caffeinated beverage, the Matcha is a great option, and if you’re looking to go caffeine-free, the Turmeric is a great option. Both are packed with antioxidants and ayurvedic benefits,” said Saccucci.

Also called ‘the golden drink’, Blenz’s Turmeric Latte is a curated blend of super spices to wake you up, calm your mind, and balance your body. This ancient remedy has been linked to boosting your immunity, metabolism and gut health with every sip.

The Turmeric Latte is now available in all of their locations, which can be viewed on their website.

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