Making Vancouver Homes More Accessible for Seniors

The local population of senior citizens is increasing, with thirteen percent of all Canadians aged 65 or older. Since most seniors want to continue living independently in the city for as long as they can, they will benefit from discovering the most practical ways to make their homes accessible. This quick guide includes home accessibility options that will make life easier for Vancouver seniors.

Closet Improvements Make Clothing Simpler to Access

Closets may be upgraded without the expense of investing in custom solutions. To make clothing and accessories easier to access, seniors should focus on improving the lighting in their home closets. Solar tubes provide clear and directional lighting, so they are sensible options. Lighting systems for closets should include switches, so seniors are able to turn on lights in a split second. Also, containers made from clear plastic are helpful so you can easily see what’s inside them, as will de-cluttering closets to remove items that are rarely worn.

Lever Door Handles and Grab Bars Should Be Installed

Furniture of the free-standing type should not be held onto. It might move and trigger a fall or another type of injury. It’s better to install lever door handles and grab bars. These assistive accessories may be placed in strategic parts of homes, such as bathrooms, hallways and staircases. In the past, lever door handles and grab bars lacked style. These days, there are a range of attractive door handles and grab bars to choose from, which offer the ideal blend of form and function. If seniors or helpers aren’t handy, pro installation is recommended.

Make Home Kitchens Safer Places

The Public Health Agency of Canada website recommends that the safety of home kitchens in Vancouver should be enhanced by making some easy changes, such as removing area rugs which might trigger falls, using “no skid” floor wax, moving pots and pans to easy-to-reach parts of the kitchen and using stable step stools (equipped with safety rails) to reach items that are higher up. Kitchens should be brightly lit and should always have fire extinguishers.

Plan Accessibility Upgrades Today

Now that seniors know some sensible home upgrades that increase accessibility, they may want to plan a few home improvements. Seniors should be aware that federal HAFI funding for home adaptations may be available, depending on eligibility. Also, seniors may be eligible for the government of Canada’s Home Renovation Tax Credit.

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