Vancouver Foodster announces the Vancouver Soup Festival

Welcome to the inaugral Vancouver Soup Festival which runs for 3 weeks from January 10 – 31st. Each week a different selection of soups will be featured by each of the restaurants.

The idea for this festival came about to offer restaurants who aren’t participating in the dine out festival a promotion to assist them in attracting new customers and obtain increased revenues from their existing customers, this will also be a chance to get the customers involved and engaged with the social media of the promotion. Starting off small with a selection of diverse restaurants from around the Vancouver area, my hope is to grow this festival larger over the years to come.

Here are the soup creations for the 1st week which runs January 10 -16.

Moltaqa Restaurant



Featured: Week #1 January 10-16

Price: $5.75

Description: Traditional Chickpea and Lentil soup; made with Tomatoes, garlic, Moroccan spices

Offered: Soup will be available all day

Created by: Chefs Jamal, Merwan (both Moroccan) the recipes were then rewritten and worked on by Ray (Canadian)

Dietary notes: This soup is Vegan and Gluten Free.

Rhinofish Noodle Bar

Hun Dun Mian


Week #1 January 10-16

Price: $13.50

Description: wonton noodle soup

Offered: Soup will be available all day

Created by: Chef David Wu

Las Tortas

Pozole Verde


Week #1 January 10-16

Price: $12.50 Large Bowl Meal Size, $6.75 Small Bowl, $2.99 Cup

Description: A vibrant Traditional Mexican Stew/soup made with Hominy Corn (big white meaty corn) Long simmered along braised pork and poblano peppers. Served topped with shredded cabbage, Avocado and Squash blossoms.

Offered: Soup will be available all day

Created by: Chef Moises Toyber
Ban Chok Dee

Gaeng Liang Soup with cheese ice cream


Week #1 January 10-16

Price: $10

Description: Aromatic Thai herbs and spices give a Smooth and creamy kabocha soup served with House made lesser ginger bread stick puff and cheese ice cream.

Created by: chef Parinya Loptson and chef Aew Sadapphin
Liquids + Solids

The Naughty Thai


Week #1 January 10-16

Price: 10oz $3.95 14oz $4.95

Description: A dangerously delicious blend of Thai flavours featuring lemongrass, basil and cilantro swimming in a coconut curry bone broth with chunks of free-run chicken, rice and wild mushrooms.

Here are the complete details for this festival

We will announce the People’s choice results along with the winning restaurants and their soup creations on February 1, 2019.

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Media release and images provided by Richard Wolak, Vancouver Foodster. Feature image: Rhinofish photo by MyVanCity.

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