2019 #FavouriteThings Holiday Gift Suggestions – Giving Back One Girl Can

This is a gift idea worth considering. A purchase of holiday cards from One Girl Can helps so many. It is always nice to receive a real card from someone during the holidays. So whether you choose to mail a card to a friend or family member, or you just attach the card to a gift, either way you are doing something good that will benefit others.

We all have someone on our list that already has everything, why not make a donation on their behalf this year. Or if you have a young woman you want to encourage to be more conscientiously aware then the T-shirt might make a good gift and it helps too!

Giving Back This Holiday Season: Help provide education to girls in sub-Saharan Africa

One Girl Can is a Vancouver-based charitable organization that aims to break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality through education and mentorship. One Girl Can builds and rehabilitates schools in areas such as Uganda and Kenya, as well as provides scholarships and education to girls in these areas.

To date, One Girl Can has:

    • Built or renovated over 100 schools
    • Provided scholarships to over 650 girls
    • Mentored/coached up to 7,500 girls each year


One Girl Can have released their annual Holiday Cards — a great option if you’re looking to give back this holiday season. You can purchase 5 cards for $25, 12 cards for $50 or 24 cards for $90.
100% of the proceeds from this year’s Holiday Cards will go to rebuilding Ushirika School in the Kibera slums in Nairobi, Kenya. The Kibera slums are one of the oldest and largest slums in Africa; with a population of over 1 million and no government support for basic needs. One Girl Can began working in Kibera in 2008 to build a school comprised of six classrooms (Ushirika).

24 cards for $90
$3.85 each
(Plus $5 for shipping)
You will receive a tax receipt for 90% of the purchase of the holiday cards.


12 CARDS FOR $50

12 cards for $50
$4.17 each
(Plus $5 for shipping)
You will receive a tax receipt for 90% of the purchase of the holiday cards.



5 cards for $25
$5 each
(Plus $5 for shipping)
You will receive a tax receipt for 90% of the purchase of the holiday cards.




Break barriers and give education with the One Girl Can shirt created in collaboration with Brunette The Label. All proceeds go to paying for girls education in Africa


This past September, another school in Kibera collapsed resulting in seven children fatalities. Now, One Girl Can is working hard to rebuild Ushirka School to maintain building standards. You can find more information here. 


One Girl Can is breaking the cycle of poverty and impacting gender equality through education and mentorship.

Our holistic model empowers a girl from the time she leaves primary school until the day she gains meaningful employment.


We believe a good education starts with a dynamic learning environment. Once we partner with a school
we stay with them, and as they grow we’re there to support them.



In the rural areas and urban slums where we work, chances of attending university are extremely low, especially if you are a girl. We provide university scholarships for the brightest and most determined girls, so they can break out of poverty and build a career.


When we began interacting with the girls at our schools, we realized no one had ever even asked them what they want to be.

For many girls in sub-Saharan Africa, their future is predetermined from birth. They will remain trapped in the cycle of poverty; marrying young, rearing children and working 15-18 hours a day, often as a single parent.

Through coaching and mentoring, we help these girls realize that an alternative future can be theirs. Our workshops teach them how to create a vision for the life they want to live, how to develop a plan to achieve this, and to execute the plan everyday to begin moving their lives forward.

Please note you will receive a tax receipt for 90% of the cost of the holiday cards.

Information and images provided by Anna Stuber, Avenue PR.

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