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Help is here for your 2020 nutritional goals 
Made-to-order Keto-friendly Menu Launched at 
Well Seasoned Gourmet 


January sure went by fast, and many of us are just getting into our rhythm with resolutions, diet, and fitness. While our New Year’s resolution list and healthy habits are underway, they are not always as easy to implement.

To take the shopping, prep and challenge out, and make sure your meal is delicious, the Well Seasoned team is here to help, with made-to-order keto-friendly meals.

The first offerings include classic keto recipes such as cauli-rice and a Mexican inspired “taco bake” (but with a Well Seasoned twist!) These options are meant to satisfy your cravings for similar carb-laden foods, such as ‘faux-tatoes’ made from cauliflower; and chicken curry with a broccoli base. The program launches with four dishes, and more options will be available in coming weeks.

These low-carb frozen entrees or side dishes are perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy generous portions of super delicious, convenient meals while living a low carb/keto lifestyle:

Mexican Taco Bake – $19.99 – Serves 2 people – Approx. 7 net carbs per serving

Cilantro Lime Cauli-rice – $13.99 – Serves 2 people – Approx. 7 net carbs per serving

Double Stuffed Faux-tatoes – $14.99 – Serves 4 people – Approx 6 net carbs per serving

Curried Chicken & Broccoli – $19.99 – Serves 2 people – Approx. 7 net carbs per serving

The portions are generous, and offer flavours you are going to CRAVE! Gourmet-To-Go keto dishes are made with the freshest ingredients. Simply thaw, heat and enjoy. Make your 2020 strong and healthy by ticking off this box on your new year’s resolutions list. Place an order through the website or by calling the store at 604-530-1518.

The Keto Diet in Real Life

Discovering the new world of the ketogenic diet can be challenging for many people as this is a rather restrictive meal plan that requires the use of alternative ingredients and preparations. On a keto diet since 2018 and knowing firsthand about the challenges, Angie Quaale and the team at Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store come to the rescue.

For those unaware, the ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat diet that puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis, where it becomes efficient in burning fat. Since results are only achieved if the diet is strictly followed, it is important that meals contain the right amount of carbs and fat. These new ketogenic-inspired items at Well Seasoned are ready-to-eat meals that take pressure off those who want to stick with their program but also enjoy the convenience of pre-prepared meals.

“The culinary team members at Well Seasoned are not dietitians, nor do we claim to be experts on the ketogenic diet,” says Angie Quaale “We are, however, experts at making things delicious; and we are excited to offer this line of food to our fantastic customers and to anyone wanting to add some flavour and convenience to their lives without sacrificing their commitment to eating well. We have made every effort to accurately represent the carb count in our dishes so our customers can make informed choices.”

About Well Seasoned 

Well Seasoned, owned by Angie Quaale, is a Langley-based gourmet cooking school and food store specializing in international and local hard-to-find specialty ingredients, spices, cookware, and condiments.

With a passion for fine food, Well Seasoned is a food lover’s one-stop paradise for fresh culinary delights featuring local artisan producers, weekly in-store cooking classes with renowned chefs, educational seminars, and insights into the most cutting-edge food trends and products. Well Seasoned’s website also offers weekly new recipes for every home cook.

For more information on Well Seasoned, please visit, or call 604-530-1518.

Media release and image provided by Giulia Sa Barreto, Town Hall Brands.

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