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Show Your Love, Usher in the Upcoming ‘Year of the Ox’ with our  Chocolatier’s Latest Seasonal Collection of Signature Chocolate Confections

There are many reasons to celebrate this February at Thomas Haas  Chocolates & Patisserie, where the acclaimed chocolatier has revealed his latest lineup of seasonal handcrafted  confections commemorating the 2021 Hot Chocolate Vancouver, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day


From Saturday, January 16 through Sunday, February 14, Thomas Haas will warm up the winter at his two  namesake cafés by taking part in the eleventh annual Hot Chocolate Vancouver. For 29 days, hot chocolate  aficionados can indulge their sweet tooth by sampling one of two custom creations for $7.50 each: 

  • “See ya Later, 2020!”: A dark (but not bitter) hot chocolate served with “This is nuts!” praline and  cinnamon hazelnut crunch.  
  • “2021, Here we Come!”: A fresh and bright white hot chocolate with passion fruit and passion fruit pâte  de fruit. 


Thomas Haas will mark the Year of the Ox and help friends and family wish their loved ones a prosperous and  healthy year to come this February with a variety of Chinese New Year-themed confections, such as: ‘Good Fortune Ox’: A handcrafted 62% dark chocolate ox signifying the second sign in the Chinese Zodiac,  this ox is filled with Cocoa Nib Crunch and decorated with chocolate gold-foil coins in 37% milk and 62%  dark chocolate ($58); 

  • Good Fortune Mandarin Orange: A traditional symbol of abundance and good fortune, this mandarin  orange airbrushed with vibrant cocoa butter, accompanied by a handmade ox and adorned with gold-foil  coins in 37% milk and 62% dark chocolate ($18); 
  • Confection Combo: Dark chocolate salted caramels and a lemon shortbread with hand-decorated Chinese  New Year decor ($11, small; $15, large).  

Thomas Haas’ full lineup of Chinese New Year creations can be found online at 


Love is in the air this February thanks to the talented team of chocolatiers at Thomas Haas who will set hearts  afire with chocolate creations such as: 

  • NEW! Lover’s Combo Dessert Packages: Treat your significant other (or yourself…we won’t judge!) to a  handcrafted collection featuring 3 individual desserts ($20), with the option to include a Signature 9 piece  gift box ($42) or a 16 piece Round Gift Box ($62).  

o Package #1: Blak Cake – Classic, Champagne Truffle Cake, Crispy Chocolate Raspberry o Package #2: Exotic Cheesecake, Fresh Raspberry Cake, Milk Chocolate Passion Fruit Cake  o Package #3: Almond Mascarpone, Hazelnut Praline Cake, Pistachio Cherry Tart 

  • Jewellery Box: Handcrafted chocolate jewellery box filled with an assortment of handmade chocolates  and truffles ($49); 
  • Flowerpot: Handcrafted chocolate flowerpot filled with Cocoa Nib Crunch and decorated with chocolates  and truffles ($49); 
  • Cupid, Hearts & Love Letters: The traditional Valentine’s archer hits the mark courtesy of a chocolate love  letter and heart filled with chocolates and truffles ($49); 
  • Handcrafted Hearts: Hand-painted chocolate heart, airbrushed and filled with handmade chocolates and  truffles ($21, small; $26, large); 
  • Pink Valentine Box: Designed in Italy, embossed with monochromatic hearts and filled with our  handmade truffle hearts ($5.50, two pieces);  
  • High Heel: A fashionable stiletto adorned with chocolates and truffles ($39, small; $49, large); Truffle Hearts: For 2021, Haas’ signature Truffle Heart flavours are: dark chocolate cherry; milk chocolate  hazelnut latte; and white chocolate strawberry & pink peppercorn ($4 for two pieces; $14.50 for a six piece box); 
  • Confection Combo: Dark chocolate salted caramels and a lemon shortbread with hand-decorated  Valentine decor ($11, small; $15, large) 
  • Signature Gift Boxes: Filled with Thomas Haas’ most popular handmade Valentine’s treats, chocolates,  truffles and confections and available in eight different sizes ($6.50, two pieces; $10.50, four pieces; $22,  nine pieces; $37, two-tier, 18 pieces; $54, three-tier, 27 pieces; $70, four-tier, 36 pieces; $88, five-tier, 45  pieces; $105, six-tier, 54 pieces); 
  • Signature Round Gift Boxes: Available in five different sizes and decorated with Thomas Haas’ signature  filigree flair, each tier is filled with an array of fine handmade chocolates and truffles ($42, one-tier, 16 pieces; $79, two-tier, 32 pieces; $117, three-tier, 48 pieces; $155, four-tier, 64 pieces; $200 five-tier, 80 pieces). 

Thomas Haas’ full lineup of delectable Valentine’s Day creations can be found online at, with many creations available for pre-order. 

All 2021 Valentine’s and Chinese New Year confections are available at the two Thomas Haas cafes in North  Vancouver and Kitsilano, with a limited selection also available at high-end retailers such as Whole Foods and  Urban Fare. A variety of items may also be ordered online at and shipped across Canada. 

ABOUT THOMAS HAAS CHOCOLATES & PÂTISSERIE | An internationally acclaimed, fourth-generation pâtissier,  Thomas Haas gained experience in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and North America before settling in  Vancouver and opening his own namesake chocolaterie, patisserie and café in 2005. Haas — Vancouver Magazine’s Pastry Chef of the Year in 2011 and Best Patisserie 2013 through ’18 — uses only the finest raw  ingredients sourced both locally and from around the globe and, in keeping with family custom, eschews the  notion of assembly lines and mass-production techniques, instead trusting in a talented team of pastry chefs and  chocolatiers whose finesse and sensitivity is lovingly expressed in every hand-spun confection. 

Thomas Haas products are exclusively available at both his Kitsilano and North Vancouver cafés as well as select  leading hotels, retailers and restaurants across North America. 

North Shore | 128 – 998 Harbourside Dr. | North Vancouver, BC V7P 3T2 | 604-924-1847 Kitsilano | 2539 West Broadway | Vancouver, BC V6K 2E9 | 604-736-1848 

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (closed Sundays, Mondays and statutory holidays) Both stores will be open Sunday, February 14th, 9am – 4pm  

Twitter: @thaaschocolates | Instagram: @thaaschocolates | Facebook: /thaaschocolates

Media release and image provided by Aadi Phillips, Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie.

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