Plenty Hard Kombucha: crisp, clean, easy drinking treat for that feel good flavour!

Capture that fall feeling, reset and renew with Plenty Hard Kombucha!

Are you ready for it? Plenty is the after-action companion you can take anywhere. Our easy breezy, refreshingly guilt-free bevy has only 99 calories.

Plenty Hard Kombucha is stacked full of better-for-you organic ingredients – your body will thank you. Our effervescent bevy is not only refreshing, but guilt-free. Cheers to high quality ingredients you can enjoy all year long!

Luscious mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world because of its unique satisfying taste. It’s also #fruitwithbenefits

Our double fermented craft tea beverage is brewed with fresh ingredients to really make our flavours pop! With 99 calories and 1g sugar, Plenty is the ⁠better-for-you-brew you’ve been looking for.

Refreshingly Guilt-Free! Experience a better-for-you brew with a gratifying taste for guilt-free refreshment!

Grapefruit Hibiscus
Ingredients: Kombucha culture (water, cane sugar*, green tea*), apples*, rosehips*, hibiscus*, citrus peel*, pineapple*, papaya*, natural grapefruit flavour (* certified organic ingredients)

Mango Pineapple Coconut

Ingredients: Kombucha culture (water, cane sugar*, green tea*), papaya*, pineapple*, mango*, coconut*, banana*, rosehips*, calendula*,  natural mango flavour (* certified organic ingredients)

We make the best HARD KOMBUCHA!

Inspired by the natural beauty and health-conscious lifestyle of our hometown of Vancouver, BC, we set out to create a better-for-you alcoholic beverage for those seeking quality and balance in life. We wanted to create a refreshing, flavourful taste without compromising real ingredients, low calories, and low sugar. And from here, Plenty Hard Kombucha was born.

Our hard kombucha is hand-crafted with organic fruits and botanicals, and double fermented to achieve a 5% alcohol by volume. No preservatives, no juice concentrates, no artificial flavours, and no compromises. Plenty Hard Kombucha is your natural alcoholic brew that you can drink guilt-free.

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