Fleischmann’s Launches BakeGood.ca, a Social and Educational Online Community for Canadian Bakers of All Skill Levels

Fleischmann’s Launches BakeGood.ca, a Social and Educational Online Community for Canadian Bakers of All Skill Levels

An interactive, all-in-one community featuring video tutorials, discussion forums, recipes and more — just in time for holiday baking

Fleischmann’s, a trusted brand in baking for over 150 years, has launched BakeGood.ca, a new online hub to connect and provide resources to Canadian bakers of all skill levels. The goal of the innovative online hub is to offer resources for bakers to enhance their technical skills through free video tutorials created by Canadian experts as well as provide a large collection of recipes and interactive discussion forums.

A cornerstone of this new platform, from the baking authorities at Fleischmann’s, is an educational video series called Bake Good Academy. The series features accomplished Canadian bakers, chefs, baking enthusiasts and influencers sharing their baking tips and tricks for seasonal and year-round treats. The initial launch includes video tutorials from three bakers encompassing all levels of baking instruction: beginner baking ambassador Raufikat Oyawoye-Salami (winner of the Great Canadian Baking Show season four) covering topics such as Yeast 101 and Kitchen Set Up, intermediate baking ambassador Daniel Holloway covering Sourdough 101 and expert baking ambassador Shelagh Rutherford covering Enriched Breads and Bread Art, with more to come.

“The past year and a half has revealed a renewed passion for baking in Canadians,” says Sandro D’Ascanio, General Manager, ACH Food Companies, Canada. “The purpose of BakeGood is to form a community around this shared passion, somewhere that beginner, experienced and all those bakers in between can become the best bakers they can be — together.”

Launching ahead of the holiday season, BakeGood.ca is set to become the go-to source for at-home bakers seeking inspiration, education and advice for holiday, special occasion as well as everyday baking. For bakers seeking recipe inspiration, the website hosts a library of over 2,000 original recipes, from savoury to sweet, many of which incorporate Fleischmann’s products such as yeast, baking powder and corn starch. With a wide range of baking recipe options, featured recipes this season include Winter Cupcakes, a seasonally-inspired Star Bread, and fluffy Winter Mushroom Tarts.

BakeGood.ca aims to create an interpersonal experience for bakers across Canada. This starts with allowing them the opportunity to make their own unique profiles and providing a space for community members to connect on the website’s free forum section. Knowing that baking comes from the heart, the website encourages bakers to support each other while showcasing their successes, discussing their challenges, asking questions and sharing their own tips and tricks.

To find more information on Bake Good or Fleischmann’s products, visit www.bakegood.ca..


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About Fleischmann’s:
Dating back to 1868, Fleischmann’s has revolutionized modern baking. In an effort to make baking better, Fleischmann’s continues to develop its product line of baking essentials to this day, with a variety of yeasts including RapidRise, Active Dry, Pizza Crust and Bread Machine yeast as well as Baking Powder and Corn Starch. Nothing compares to home baking, and that is why Fleischmann’s has remained the staple in any baker’s pantry. To learn more about Fleischmann’s products please visit www.bakegood.ca.

Media release and image provided by Laura D’Angelo, BPR Inc. Photo credit: BakedGoods.ca

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