Nam Dae Moon Releases Night Market-Style New Mochi Desserts

Nam Dae Moon Releases Night Market-Style New Mochi Desserts

The Mochi Lovers Are In For A Treat with the New Mochi Desserts and Aesthetically Pleasing Mooncake Set At Nam Dae Moon Vancouver

Craving some Asian mochi desserts from the Richmond Night Market but wanting to stay away from the crowd? Nam Dae Moon Rice Cake has released a series of night market-style mochi treats that will fix your sweet tooth!

The Night-Market Style Dessert Treats

The line-up includes the Milk Mochi Cup ($3.99) (牛奶麻糬杯), the Icy Milk Mochi with Taro Balls & Red Beans ($9.99) (牛奶麻糬芋圓紅豆冰 ), and the Milk Mochi Ice Cream ($6.99)(桂花牛奶麻糬雪糕) featuring soft cloud-like milk mochi that is creamy and bouncy, dressed up with different condiments such as black sesame, kinako powder, or osmanthus, and ready to rock your taste buds!

The Mango Pomelo Sago with Coconut Milk Noodle ($12.99) (楊枝甘露椰奶河粉) is reminiscent of the streets in Hong Kong with the sweet tropical flavours that are subtle but satisfying. The smooth and luscious coconut milk noodle is the key to an unforgettable tasting experience!

Last but not least, the Fresh Fruit Cake Sando ($11.99) (水果蛋糕三明治) is delicious news for cake lovers! The Cake Sando series features a bamboo charcoal chiffon cake with a visually stunning black pearl colour and fresh fruits such as strawberry and mango.

Both the Richmond location and the Burnaby location have extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays closing at 10 pm.

Summer Melon Cake
The newly released Summer Melon Cake ($39.99) continues to be a hit. Filled with freshly baked chiffon cake and yummy fruits fresh from the market, this visually stunning sweet treat is how you impress your loved one(s) for special occasions and plan your beach BBQ or picnic! Priced at $39.99, the Summer Melon Cake is available through phone reservation only! Pick-ups are available during 4-8 pm Monday and Friday only. Customers must place the order the day before the latest. This special summer treat will be available through the end of September.

2022 Nam Dae Moon Mooncake Set
Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival is just around the corner – it happens on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar, which falls on September 10 in 2022. The crafty Nam Dae Moon Vancouver team is presenting its 2022 Mooncake Set, for sale now for $68.

The 2022 Moon Cake Set by Nam Dae Moon Vancouver features the style of traditional mooncake making from the South of the Yangzi River region, or the Jiangnan 江南 area, covering the city of Shanghai, and the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The set comes with 9 different flavours, telling 9 unique stories about the Moon Fest, a special day celebrated by folks with Chinese heritage around the world.

The aesthetically pleasing presentation of the pastry is another essential part of the craft besides the flavours, featuring vibrant colours and the astonishing thousand-layer pastry technique.

Classic ingredients such as taro, salty egg yolk, mung bean, Yunnan ham, and peanuts, blended with delicate bakery flavours such as oolong, earl grey, and rose water. The Taro Mochi and the Mung Mochi are worthy of great attention as they are prepared with the famous Nam Dae Moon mochi freshly made daily for the fun chewy texture.

The set also comes in an exquisite package, making it the perfect gift for this special occasion. Here are the 9 flavours of the mooncakes

Taro Mochi (香芋麻糬)
Peach Oolong (白桃烏龍)
Earl Grey (伯爵奶酥)
Yolk Lava (經典奶黃)
Ham N’Roses (玫瑰雲腿)
Mung Mochi (麻糬綠豆)
Peanut Deluxe (兒時花生)
Rum & Grape (朗姆葡萄)
Coconut Garden (椰香玫瑰)

The Nam Dam Moon Mooncake Set, for $68, is now available for reservation and can be picked up on September 1 – 10. The mooncakes can be stored in the fridge for up to 72 hours. They can be refreshed by reheating in the oven.

Contact the following Nam Dae Moon locations to reserve the moon cake set:
📍Burnaby: 108 – 6868 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby, BC | 12PM – 8PM 📞 604-559-6789
📍Richmond: 2131 – 3779 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC | 12PM – 8PM 📞 (778) 297-6999

About Nam Dae Moon: Founded in 2011 in China, Nam Dae Moon has also been rapidly expanding and franchising around the world in the last few years.

Nam Dae Moon was founded by an ethnic Korean-Chinese family in China based on the family’s recipes for healthy, chewy Korean rice cakes that are low in sugar. Over the years they have extended the line of products to more delicious treats from Asia such as Daifuku and Mochi Cake Taco. For freshness and quality, everything is handmade in-house throughout the day to ensure the texture is up to the top standards.

Media release and image provided by David Peng, Cool Peach Media.

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