Good Thief Set To Debut: Rebellious Nhậu And Cocktail Bar In Vancouver


Exciting Sibling of Anh and Chi Serves up “Cocktails, Bites and Sticky Fingers” in Mount Pleasant

The highly anticipated opening of Good Thief, set for Thursday, July 11, will bring an exciting new culinary experience to the heart of Vancouver. Nestled at 3336 Main Street in Mount Pleasant, Good Thief is a reinterpretation of Vietnamese culture and innovative culinary artistry giving them new life in a modern menu of cocktails and “món nhậu”. Building on the success of Vancouver’s award-winning restaurant Anh and Chi, Good Thief emerges as its “rebellious” sibling, where every bite packs a punch and each cocktail ignites a new passion. Open for dinner and late night bites, Good Thief promises to be around for a good time and a long time.

Inspired by global travels and a relentless pursuit of novel ideas, Good Thief embodies the spirit of a modern-day Robin Hood – taking inspiration from ingredients, cooking techniques, and dishes from around the world and cleverly marrying them in the spirit of community. Under the creative direction of co-founders Vincent Nguyễn and Amelie Thuy Nguyễn, Good Thief is more than just a place to eat and drink; it’s a destination for lively conversation and cultural exchange.

“If Anh and Chi is the perfect children of a Vietnamese family, then Good Thief is the rebellious younger sibling. Here, rules do not apply because we celebrate being different,” explained Amelie Nguyễn.

Good Thief reinterprets the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam through a contemporary and globally influenced lens, offering a menu of luxurious cocktails and experimental share plates. Guests will find themselves immersed in one of Vietnam’s timeless cultural practices, called nhậu,” which is the cherished tradition of gathering for food, drink, and conversation in the name of fun and connection. It is a time and place for clinking glasses to toast each round, lively chatter, and forging connections among family, friends, or even strangers. “Nhậu” is the culture of eating and drinking together, and there’s no better moment than now.

Food and drinks are central to “nhậu,” and Good Thief is poised to deliver innovation and inspiration on all fronts. The passionate and talented team at Good Thief includes Vincent Nguyễn as Owner and Head of Operations, Amelie Nguyễn as Co-founder and Creative Director, Ashlee Jarvis as General Manager, Ben Kingstone as Beverage Director, and Jonathan Lee, formerly of Blue Water Cafe as Chef de Cuisine. Together, they have crafted a menu that merges the best of traditional and modern influences to create something entirely unprecedented in Vancouver.

Kingstone’s wildly creative cocktail menu, inspired by the Vietnamese folk hero Trạng Quỳnh renowned for his mischievous intellect and wit, showcases hero ingredients and techniques spotlighting unexpected flavours and house-made components, including spirits and ice. Highlights include the Latok About It, a perfectly chilled martini made with sea grape (latok) infused vodka that is boozy, bright, and refreshing, and the tart and spicy Five Inch Yellow, made with Whistlepig Rye, starfruit, and a fiery “super foam.” Additionally, Good Thief will have a selection of non-alcoholic handmade sodas, local beer collaborations, and wines from around the world, some exclusive wines they’ll have just a single case of.

The food menu curated by Chef Lee spans small bites to larger share plates marrying exotic flavours and ingredients, from crispy pomme frites with curry leaf and Thai green chili aioli to sticky frog legs with Me’s (Mom’s) fish sauce glaze. Diners can spoon house-made chawanmushi-style silken tofu with heirloom tomato dashi, shiso, and Thai basil as a plant-based option, or share the Pho-spiced Oxtail crepinette or Brant Lake Wagyu flat iron steak with Vietnamese chimichurri.

Designed by Vancouver’s Ste Marie Studio and branded by Melbourne’s Studio Round, Good Thief’s interior reflects a chic and cheeky homage to 1970s bars in Vietnam. The 40-seater space blends East and West with a nostalgic yet modern and luxurious vibe, adorned with drapery, brass, and playful pops of colour. It invites guests to settle in, loosen up, and enjoy a truly immersive dining experience. The vibrant atmosphere, coupled with the unique design elements, creates a setting that is both fun and sophisticated.

Further, following in Anh and Chi’s philanthropic footsteps, while welcoming walk-in patrons, Good Thief will also incorporate the innovative Reservation by Donation program. This initiative, which has already raised over $300,000 on behalf of local charities through Anh and Chi, allows guests an option to reserve a table by donating to a charity of their choice. Dollar for dollar goes directly to the chosen charities, as Good Thief covers all administrative costs. Patrons not only enjoy a wonderful dining experience but also support meaningful causes, making their visits to Good Thief even more impactful.

As the opening of Good Thief draws near, the community is invited to follow the journey and stay updated on the latest news, menu highlights, and events by following Good Thief on Instagram and Facebook /, and signing up for the newsletter via the Good Thief website:

ABOUT GOOD THIEF | Good Thief is a daring new concept in the heart of eclectic Mount Pleasant, from sibling duo Vincent and Amelie Nguyễn, renowned for their acclaimed next-door restaurant Anh and Chi. Fuelled by the cherished Vietnamese practice of enjoying food, drink, and conversation known as “nhậu,” Good Thief offers a rebellious take on tradition. Reinterpreting the timeless flavours and memories of vibrant Vietnam, Good Thief’s innovative cocktails and share plates draw inspiration from global travels, bringing something entirely unexpected to Vancouver. Good Thief is around for a good time and a long time. Like its sibling, Good Thief proudly offers a Reservation by Donation program that allows guests to book a seat for $10, donated to any of several local charitable groups that profoundly impact the community.

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Location: 3336 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C., V5V 3M7
Hours: Monday, Wednesday-Saturday, 5 p.m. – 1 a.m.; Sundays 2 p.m. – 10 p.m., closed Tuesdays.

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