Summer Cocktails with Dillon’s Small Batch Rose Gin

This summer has been either a dismal cool one or a sizzling hot one, or both! Time to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer with a Dillon’s Summer Cocktail.

Lunch on the Lawn with Music by the Sea at the Fairmont Empress Victoria

More than a luxury hotel, The Fairmont Empress is where love stories unfold, family traditions begin and memories are created.

Summer Cocktails to Sip on your Patio

When a box arrives on your doorstep and it’s filled with the makings for some fab summer cocktails, what do you do? Well duh, you make fab summer cocktails to sip and enjoy on your patio, or anywhere else that catches your fancy.

NFT Art, Cocktails and Live Music at D/6 Bar & Lounge

To celebrate the emerging influence of visual arts in the new spaces of Web 3 and Virtual Reality in Vancouver, this spring, Cocktail Connoisseur and Kiarash TK invite you to join their 2nd edition of NFT Art Gala at D/6 Bar and Lounge

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