Cozy up with Starbucks NEW Apple Crisp Macchiato

While fruit and coffee are a new territory for Starbucks, the flavours complement each other well, with the creaminess of the milk balancing the espresso for a nostalgic autumn pick-me-up.

Mon Paris Pâtisserie embraces classic symbols of love for Valentine’s Day

All you really need is love, but chocolate from Mon Paris Pâtisserie always hits the sweet spot.

Thomas Haas Easter Collection

Easter is right around the corner and its time again to reveal our latest line up of handcrafted Easter creations, seasonal Spring baking and at the same time support our community with our popular Easter raffle featuring 2 giant chocolate Easter designs and 100 other prizes – all available exclusively at our two Thomas Haas Chocolates & Pâtisserie locations. 

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