82 year-old Artist’s City Tapestries in Textile Walking Tour (Sept 20-Oct 2)

  “Leap and the Loom Will Appear” is an upcoming exhibition by 82-year-old, world-renowned Canadian Fibre Artist Sola Fiedler, known for her intricately woven tributes to cities that have hosted Olympic Games. Each hyper-realistic tapestry took the artist as much as five years to complete. Self-taught, Sola’s method is as impressive as the final piece: Using yarn from … Read more

Vancouver Tapestry presented at grunt’s gallery 30th Anniversary Party

  Fibre Artist Sola Fiedler presents the Vancouver Tapestry (11.6′ x 5.3′) at grunt gallery’s 30th Anniversary Party on Thursday, August 28, 2014. Inspired by Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the tapestry took the 78-year-old more than 5,000 hours to weave, beginning in May 2009.     “There’s usually one perfect spot where you can see the whole city and then I … Read more

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