Bicycle Groups Vancouver and Lower Mainland

There are so many bicycle groups in the Lower Mainland, too many to talk about at once.

Here are a couple I will post more in the future, as I like to showcase each one.

Pacific populaire mini logo


The BC Randonneurs Cycling Club has many events through out the year.  The Pacific Populaire is a perfect introduction to the sport. You may have seen them cycling through your neighbourhood.  A wonderful site to see.  Randonneuring is a great way to spend an afternoon, bicycling, touring viewing the different sites of Vancouver while meeting new people.

Pacific Populaire

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

PacPop25_2010.jpg  1020×591

It truly is an amazing ride with the tree covered streets of Vancouver and open spaces along Spanish banks.

There are beautiful badges and pins you can earn doing randonneuring events.

pacific poulaire badge



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Thank you for taking the time to read my posts about bicycling in Vancouver. I have made the decision with my husband and family to sell our home and move to Europe. I will no longer be able to post here as I am extremely business as our house is going on the market in 2 weeks. Thank you My Vancity for spreading the bicycle love!

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