OLYMPIC FEVER…Have You Got it?


We are on the cusp of another Winter Olympics and I can’t help thinking back to 2010 in Vancouver.

What a great time we all had during the 2010 Olympics. There was a little sacrifice, a little compromise and a lot of spirit. Vancouver embraced the games in a way that we hadn’t come together since Expo 86. Everyone was a fan.

My very good friends from Sudbury spent the entire 10 days with us and their enthusiasm was contagious. Four adults, one dog,  all squeezed together in a very small city space with one bedroom, one bathroom and a sofa bed. But wow was it worth it.

There were so many exciting things to see and do. How many people lined up for hours to take a 20 second zipline ride? Did you get up at 4 in the morning to catch a bus to Whistler? We still reminisce about the men’s and women’s hockey and how proud we all were.

I think one of the most enthusiastic Olympic fans I know is Chris Breikss, President of 6S Marketing. Chris is kind of an “all out” type of guy both in business and in fun. During the 2010 Olympics Chris organized a street hockey tournament to honour his Latvian roots. Being the king of social media Chris, and wife Kyla, were checking in on foursquare, posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook sharing their Olympic experiences. Chris is that guy in the funny hat and crazy face paint – a true fan and believer.

So I guess it isn’t too surprising given that level of community spirit, and with just weeks to go, Chris Breikss and 6S Marketing decided to sponsor a local Olympic athlete.

A mutual acquaintance introduced Chris Breikss to Whistler’s Crispin Lipscomb and without hesitation 6S became a sponsor of the halfpipe snowboarding Olympian. No stranger to competition Lipscomb competed for Canada at the 2006 Olympics.




A fierce and determined competitor Lipscomb’s life took an unexpected change of direction following the tragic death of his friend Anthony Crute in 2009. Lipscomb didn’t compete in 2010 but turned to coaching others.

It is as coach to Katie Tsuyuki that brought Lipscomb back into competition. In an unusual set of circumstances Lipscomb was unable to go to Sochi as a coach so going back to his roots, through hard work and a lot of effort, Lipscomb has qualified to go to Sochi and compete in the half pipe.

Tsuyuki, a member of the Canadian Olympic Snowboarding Team will also compete in the halfpipe in Sochi. Like Lipscomb, Tsuyuki didn’t make the cut in 2010. Both athletes are somewhat in the comeback category making them dear in the hearts of all Canadians because we love those who try harder and persevere.

Lipscomb was not in the running for Own the Podium program funding so his friends and the Whistler community pitched in to make it possible for him to go to Sochi. Thanks to friends, family and businesses in Whistler and Vancouver, businesses like 6S Marketing, enough funds were raised to send Lipscomb to the 2014 Olympics. This infusion of financial support also allowed Lipscomb’s coach to accompany him to Switzerland for a week of essential training.

Still additional funds are needed to cover the costs and to ensure Lipscomb can compete without worries about his financial security. You can be involved and help support this local athlete by donating to his indiegogo campaign.

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