Crispin Lipscomb the Olympic “underdog”


Getting to know Crispin Lipscomb the Olympic “underdog”


What will life be like after the Olympics?

I am heading home to rest the body for a short while. But I want to get back on the ground in Vancouver/ Whistler and share the Olympic spirit. I am looking to set up some cool events, want to come meet some new people and would love to host some parties for Olympic fans and supportive partners. I hope for there to be fresh snow in the Whistler/ Pemberton area to play on in the backcountry- I have been killing my soul training in all the icy half pipes for so many months. Don’t get me wrong, I love this work, but a big part of me belongs out in the backcountry chasing close friends up difficult mountain passes looking for exhilarating challenges to ride down.


crispin from vaz


I will be working with my Fiancee on our Halfpipe and freestyle snowboard camps in the Lower Mainland and at other amazing places around North America and New Zealand. We have been slowly building up this small business in the last year and have had amazing coaches like my athlete Katie Tsuyuki and other pro riders like Neil Connolly on site to deliver amazing results.

Also looking forward to hanging with our little dog Avi who I am missing a whole bunch these days. I am also the President of an emerging sport camera technology that has been in the start-up stage for some time. We are planning to jump out on to the scene in the coming months to revolutionize the way people capture, collect and share their sporting moments. I will keep you all posted on this project following the Sochi Games.




You have been referred to as an “underdog” is that due to your age, or because of the length of time you have been away from competition.

I am guessing a bit of both. I was not expected to achieve the results that have led me to Sochi in such a short time, especially after taking 4 years off the scene and FIS World Cup Tour. And without major sponsors or lots of Team support I am not fitting the more modern model for athletic success. Plus an old friend sort of tagged me with that “underdog” term and it stuck.

With continued thanks to Chris Breikss and 6S Marketing for their generous sponsorship of Olympic Athlete Crispin Lipscomb. Check out S6 Marketing’s latest fund raising venture to benefit Crispin
You can also help out as additional funds are needed to cover the costs and to ensure Lipscomb can compete without worries about his financial security. You can be involved and help support this local athlete by donating to his indiegogo campaign.



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