Bauhaus restaurant is setting the table

BAUHAUS AND CIOPPINO’S UNITE FOR SPECIAL CULINARY EVENING    On January 27th, Bauhaus restaurant is setting the table for a remarkable eight-course dinner prepared by two of Vancouver’s most celebrated chefs.  Bauhaus’s own Michelin Star Chef Stefan Hartmann will be joined in the kitchen by award-winning chef Pino Posteraro of Cioppino’s restaurant, for a unique … Read moreBauhaus restaurant is setting the table

Crispin Lipscomb the Olympic “underdog”

  Getting to know Crispin Lipscomb the Olympic “underdog”   What will life be like after the Olympics? I am heading home to rest the body for a short while. But I want to get back on the ground in Vancouver/ Whistler and share the Olympic spirit. I am looking to set up some cool … Read moreCrispin Lipscomb the Olympic “underdog”