6S Marketing has written an open letter to Apple, urging them to consider naming the September 9th release the iPhone 7 instead of the rumored iPhone 6S.

New York advertising agency 6S Marketing started using the name “6S” back in 2000. Never did they imagine that one of the biggest companies in the world would start using a variation of their name. As Apple prepares to unveil the next versions of the iPhone, rumors regarding the possible names of the September 9th … Read more

Getting to Know Olympic Athlete Crispin Lipscomb

This is the third and last instalment in “Getting to Know Olympic Athlete Crispin Lipscomb” Lipscomb will compete on February 11, 2014 at 2:00 a.m. PST. At one time you talked about going in a totally different direction by going into TV or film, did this happen for you? I used to be heavily involved … Read more

Crispin Lipscomb the Olympic “underdog”

  Getting to know Crispin Lipscomb the Olympic “underdog”   What will life be like after the Olympics? I am heading home to rest the body for a short while. But I want to get back on the ground in Vancouver/ Whistler and share the Olympic spirit. I am looking to set up some cool … Read more

Who is Crispin Lipscomb? … we asked, he answered.

    Lipscomb competed for the first time at about age 12 in Ottawa. He had been introduced to the sport of skateboarding on mini ramps (wooden half pipes) at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club. Lipscomb then started to compete locally in Ottawa and Quebec at age 13 to 16 and competed for the … Read more

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