Surprised Groom Says Yes on 50th Birthday

K&I Wedding

Earlier this month, my husband and I had the immense pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Like any other wedding, there were guests, nuptials, music, and dancing. Unlike other weddings, this one was a surprise.

The groom didn’t know he was getting married.

After a health scare that the bride says put many things into perspective for her, she began to plan a surprise wedding to be held on the groom’s 50th birthday, in front of 120 family members and friends. The venue was The Imperial, in downtown Vancouver, and the atmosphere was both magical and intense. Close friends and family of the groom-to-be knew that he wasn’t a huge fan of surprises, and as anyone could imagine, guests were a little nervous.

An audible and collective exhale could be heard throughout the room when the answer to the question of the hour was yes, and a relieved and joyous applause ensued. What was uncertain only moments ago was now affirmed, and my husband and I exchanged a glance of relief and happiness for the event that would take place only 30 minutes later.

Karley & Ian

Together for nearly a decade, and parents to two amazing children, I dos were exchanged in an emotional ceremony that highlighted the importance that the couple places on love and family. With both of their children completely involved in the festivities (their son walking the groom down the aisle, and their daughter walking the bride), a beautiful and most certainly memorable night was created that will be tucked into the memory of guests for years to come.

Watch a few minutes of the pre-proposal atmosphere, the actual proposal, and the gorgeous ceremony in this stunning and emotional video, as Karley and Ian celebrate a night to remember.

Congratulations, Karley and Ian! Wishing you health and happiness for years to come.

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