Vintage Cruiser Ride

The Vancouver  Wheelmen Vintage Cruiser Ride will bring out the treasures of bicycles in Vancouver.  Vintage bikes are cool, elegant with detailed craftsmanship and just a pleasure to see on the road.

If you have 1974 bike or older  check out

Vancouver Wheelmen Vintage Bicycle Club cruiser bikes
Via Facebook Vancouver Wheelmen Vintage Bicycle Club

The 7th Annual Vancouver Wheelman Vintage-Only Cruiser Ride July 5 from 12 – 8 starts at the Cambie Bar 300 Cambie St. They have a free monthly ride and bicycle swaps,  check out their calendar

You can tweet them @vancvrwheelman and ask them about any kind of bike. I  tweeted them about my bike.  My bike is not a cruiser it is a 3 speed with a hub system but curious to know more about it.

Anyone remember the old Eatons Store I think this is where my bike is from.

Eatons Bike Badge Glider with bird blue and red
Eatons Bike Badge

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