Bicycling, too cold? you can still have fun

I hopped on my bike and went to my local store for my favourite 100 grams of Swiss chocolate.  Yikes it’s cold outside.  I zipped home so fast, the garage door was sill closing.

I snuggled on the couch with a cup of tea, blankets to watch a movie I have been wanting to for some time. You may have heard of it “The Bicycle Thief” a 1949 movie in Italian with subtitles.  The background music pulls you into the drama and the story is simply charming.  A good movie for the whole family, it’s on netflix.

The Bicycle Thief 1949 imageimage


Getting into the bicycle mood after the movie, I decided to look for tweed attire.  I need something to wear to the Tweed Ride In Vancouver.  There are tweed rides in almost every major city.


It’s an annual event for the last couple of years. You are encouraged to bring a vintage bike, but not necessary  just decorate your bike with flowers that’s what I will do.

I have not one piece of tweed, so I have been going thrifting, cruising to garage sales, nothing yet. Today is a good day to look online, but I do enjoy the hunt and supporting our local economy.  I am sure I will find a cap, or sweater. A jacket would be the cat’s meow.

Be sure to register early and book that day off it’s usually in September last years event was a success. I will be there for sure. It’s a fun filled day and social mix for every age and ability a great way to meet like minded people.


On March 8 & 9 2014 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It’s the Vancouver Bike Show / The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show


There will be loads of bicycles, accessories, fashion shows, trick riding, trail riding and so many different styles of riding I didn’t even know of.  Something there for any type of rider.


On Day 2 Fresh Eire Adventure is having a presentation on “European Bike Tours for a positive approach to cycling and lifestyles “I would be keen on seeing that, as I am interested in the day to day culture of the bicycle in their daily lives.

There is always something happening in the bicycling community and I am happy to share with you.  As spring and summer nears there will be more events.

Get your bikes dusted, oiled, tires pumped it’s going to be fun year.

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