The Internal Compass


At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.

~ Thich Nhat Hahn


Within each of us there lies a compass, which spins and turns in ways that we are able to feel if we learn to tune in to it, with the purpose of safely guiding us to what best serves us – happiness, contentment and personal freedom. It is what softly yet firmly, guides and informs us through life’s lessons. This internal compass is a universal gift that we all possess, but we have to know how to listen for it and tune in to its frequency.


When you sense that subtle voice in you and are aware of the answers to the questions you have – this is your compass. It’s your internal guidance system. We need to have faith in this compass, because it will never steer us in the wrong direction.  It allows us to connect the dots along the way in our journey, even when detours arise. When we’re in tune with our compass, we’re able to quickly regain our bearing.  There is a flow of energy that sustain us all, which always flows in the direction that gives freedom and life within a person’s being. The internal compass is what ensures that if we’re taken slightly off course by the obstacles and trials of life, we will get realigned in the right direction once again.


With any sort of compass, it’s important to take moments of pause in order to get in touch with yourself and figure out where you are, so that you know where and how to get where you are going. Life is dynamic and ever-changing, and we often must change course occasionally so as to keep aligned with our goals. Our internal compass knows when we must take these pauses, because it knows when we must slightly alter our course.  We all have our own magnetic north and it is called intuition. Intuition is our internal compass and it’s our truth.


Bridging the unconscious and conscious mind is what allows us to access our intuition…and therefore, our internal compass. When we connect with our intuition, we access and engage a part of our brain that perceives the interconnectedness between the minutiae of knowledge that we possess, and collates it all into a single thought, decision and solution.


So how does one access their intuition, and know how to trust their internal compass? Well, the compass needs calibration, which takes place in three parts. The first is to understand you are able to discern what is true for you, by recognizing how you are feeling. The second part to calibrating your internal compass is to realize that you have this inherent compass that can and will lead you into positive situations, if you allow it to guide you. Lastly, you must use this internal compass to align your feelings with the energy flow of your intentions in order to manifest what you want to grow and nurture for yourself.


You know when you are aligned with your internal compass because you are attracted to positive people, situations and energies, and they to you, and it is with a deep sense of well-being that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  Accessing and listening to your internal clock is what will always keep you pointed in the direction that takes you safely back home.


Christa Leigh Meister



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