Do You Like Playing with Knives?   Carve a Pumpkin for a Cause!


If you’ve hung around Salted Brick, you can tell we like our knives and do a pretty good job carving up our meats for our charcuterie.  We’d love to see your carving skills put to the test with our inaugural Pumpkin Carving Contest.  Simply be creative, channel those Martha Stewart skills, or even your Freddie Kruger personality and carve your potentially prize winning pumpkin.  Drop it off at the Salted Brick, 243 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna anytime on Tuesday, October 29th.

On Thursday, October 30th at 6:00 pm, we will auction them off to those who appreciate great pumpkin carving skills and don’t want to carve their own, with proceeds going to the Salted Brick Monday Lunch Bag Program.

The Salted Brick Monday Lunch Bag Program was launched a few months ago to help feed some of the homeless people on our streets.  We simply pack up some of our house made sandwiches, wander the streets and hand them out to those in need.  Funds raised from this pumpkin carving event will help us to continue this initiative, which is our little way of giving back to our community.

Not only are Pumpkin Carvers helping to continue the Salted Brick Monday Lunch Bag Program but they are also entered to win prizes.  First prize is a Salted Brick hamper valued at $100!  Second Prize is a $50 Salted Brick gift certificate and Third Prize is a $25 gift certificate.

Everyone of all ages is welcome to participate in our Pumpkin Carving contest and for businesses who’d like a great pumpkin to display in their shop window to join us for the auction on Thursday evening.  Both carving and bidding will help support the Monday Lunch Bag Program.


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