Le Creuset Celebrates Enduring Design and Shared Memories This Holiday Season 


Iconic Cookware Gift Selections for Epicurean Enthusiasts, Wine Lovers, Home Cooks, and Professional Chefs


Preeminent French cookware brand Le Creuset makes the perfect partner this holiday season with inspired selections from the iconic collection known for eye-catching designs and a rich legacy of quality craftsmanship. Le Creuset presents a superb selection of gifts and holiday entertaining essentials to inspire meaningful moments and lasting memories for all culinary enthusiasts.


For the Passionate Home Cook

le creuset 1The world’s quality benchmark for almost a century is found in Le Creuset’s enamelled Cast Iron cookware. Ideal in the oven, on the stove or at the table, the iconic designs are beloved for their colourful chip-resistant enamel exteriors and superior heat retention that locks in flavours. The classic and timeless Round French Oven (MSRP $345, 4.2L) functional Braiser (MSRP $310, 3.2L) and Le Creuset’s Rectangular Roaster (MSRP $295, 4.9L) all offer consistent and even heat distribution to create moist and tender slow cooked dishes that allow time to enjoy the company of friends and family.


For the Professional Chef 

le creuset 2Performance and highly skilled European craftsmanship come to life in Le Creuset’s brand new collection of Stainless Steel Cookware. Sleek Sauté Pans (MSRP $200, 2.8L) offer generously sized cooking surfaces for browning and sautéing while the Stock Pot (MSRP $250, 6.6L) and Saucepans (MSRP $160, 1.9L) are as beautiful as they are functional for stocks and sauces, hearty winter soups and stews.


For the Wine Lover 

le creuset 3Perfection with a twist. Le Creuset’s wine tools are trusted by both wine aficionados and novices alike for their superior functionality, ergonomic design and lasting quality. Gift wine lovers with a Table Model Corkscrew (MSRP $20) to ensure easy, intact cork removal without pulling or, slip a Wine Cooler Sleeve (MSRP $20) into a Christmas stocking to keep New Year’s Eve Champagne chilled to perfection.


For the Coffee Enthusiast 

le creuset 4Authentic sophistication for any tabletop. Whether for aromatic French press coffee at family gatherings or a solo quiet morning espresso before festivities begin, Le Creuset’s Café Collection premium pieces are a welcome addition to any home and are a perfect gift for family and friends. Le Creuset’s French Press (MSRP $80) comes in a multitude of signature hues, as does their beautiful Rainbow Set of 6 Espresso Mugs (MSRP $49), perfect as a hostess gift for all of those seasonal parties.


Gifts to Last A Lifetime 

le creuset 5Le Creuset presents a variety of gifts this holiday season to suit any taste or budget for friends, family, hosts and co-workers to treasure for a lifetime. From a playful Pie Bird (MSRP $10) stocking stuffer or an exotic Moroccan Tagine (MSRP $250, 2L) Le Creuset’s detailed craftsmanship, quality and lasting designs make for impeccable gift choices this holiday season.

Discover Le Creuset’s full collection at Le Creuset boutiques and fine kitchen stores across Canada. For locations, please visit www.LeCreuset.ca.


About Le Creuset: 

Le Creuset represents a tradition of lasting, authentic design. Since 1925, the iconic brand has inspired generations with premium products that epitomize enduring quality, classic aesthetics and rigorous craftsmanship. In kitchens around the world, Le Creuset isn’t just a way to cook; it’s a lifestyle choice — a way to savour a genuine passion for fine ingredients and premium tools. Today, Le Creuset is the most sought-after cookware product in Canada amongst both professional chefs and home cooks alike. LeCreuset.ca


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