Presents SaladDate at SaladWorks in Yaletown

Presented by, SaladDate runs from November 10, 2014 – January 10, 2015 with limited passes available for $22.

The SaladDate  package includes:

  1. Your choice of any Carvery Salad
  2. Your choice of any Gourmet Sandwich/li>
  3. Your choice of two items “sides” (wine, soup of the day or bottled/fountain drinks)

My visit to SaladWorks in Yaletown consisted of prompt, friendly service and my meal was served to me within a couple minutes.

I ordered the Grilled Malibu Chicken Carvery Salad: free range lemon herb chicken, strawberries, grapes, sunflower seeds, avocado, shredded carrots, avocado vinaigrette dressing. The salad came with a pretty decent amount of chicken on top!

Garlic Roasted Porchetta Gourmet Sandwich: oven roasted BC free range natural pork loin seasoned with herbs and garlic, sriracha mayo drizzle, pickled carrot, red onion and fennel, hot banana peppers. I loved how they grilled the bread to give it that roasted, barbequed flavour and the porchetta was really flavourful. The sriracha mayo was a perfect sauce to go with the pork.

Their soup of the day was Tomato Roasted Corn Soup: tomatoes and roasted poblano pepepers, in a special mix with parmesan, basil and garlic. This soup was hearty and very flavourful. The poblano peppers really added depth to the flavour of the soup.

I also had a GoodDrink Green Tea with lemon and honey.

This package is a good deal for the price as normally all of these individual items would easily add up to over $22. I personally found the meal portion to be quite large, and was only able to eat about half of the food (I was able to save the other half for my dinner!)

Overall I was very happy with the meal I had and would definitely go back!

Grilled Malibu Chicken Salad
Garlic Roasted Porchetta Sandwich
Tomato Roasted Corn Soup
#SaladDate Package for $22 through

Feature pic courtesy of VanEats!

2 thoughts on “ Presents SaladDate at SaladWorks in Yaletown”

  1. Nice photo! 🙂

    However when I went to Saladworks in Yaletown this year, the staff were not informed as to the ingredients in their dressings when I asked, and they were unable to locate the document in the back room that lists the ingredients. Hopefully this has been rectified since.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience. Our writer had a positive experience but may not have made inquiries about the ingredients being used. I have been to SaladWorks on another occasion with a guest with allergies. The information was promptly provided. I’m sure SaladWorks will see that their staff are all aware of their ingredient lists for customers requests. Hope you’ll give them another try.


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