Bump N Grind…go for the cookies!

Yesterday I took part in Bump N Grind Cafe’s official “Grand Opening” at their new South Granville location. Although locals know Bump N Grind has been open since late December this was my first time visiting this conveniently located Cafe. Situated just off 14th Avenue on Granville Street, next door to Meinhardt’s Bump N Grind makes a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

There are so many reasons that Bump N Grind have set themselves apart from being just another Cafe/coffee bar. For me it started as soon as I walked in. Architecturally stunning with high ceilings, artistic lighting, shiplap that soars up the walls in a dramatic fashion is the perfect mix of rustic and chic. Designed by Dallas Matson this is a space that feels comfortable with it’s clean lines juxtaposed by the cozy leather banquettes.

The room is long and narrow lending itself a separation of space by virtue of the massive barista bar from which the elegantly prepared, and absolutely delicious, beverages are prepared by an expert hand. Those patrons looking for more privacy can seat themselves at the rear of the room, while those wanting to be more in the mix can settle in to the banquettes in the forward section of the cafe and still those interested in people watching can perch themselves at the high top that fills the picture window onto the street.

I especially enjoyed the fact that the Cafe is minimal and relaxing and isn’t cluttered with displays but instead has incorporated a unique style of shelving that not only serves a purpose but also very cleverly spells out the name “Bump N Grind”. The attention to detail sets this Cafe apart.

BUMP N GRIND is a multi-roaster cafe, where the Wrights search tirelessly to bring in the best handcrafted coffee beans roasted from across Canada, including Fernwood Coffee from Victoria, BC to Phil & Sebastian Coffee from Calgary, Alberta. “We rotate our coffees on a weekly basis so you get to try something new and fresh each time you visit,” says Cheryl Wright.

In an effort to maintain exceptional quality, BUMP N GRIND offers alternative brewing methods, such as Pour-over coffee, Aeropress, and French press coffee.

Now onto the heart of the matter, do the beverages and baked goods live up to the hype? You bet, friendly baristas will craft the perfect cup of joe or concoct the most challenging beverage you can name. Yesterday for example the signature beverage sported a layer of melted dark chocolate with crushed nuts on the rim of the cup while inside you had the choice of expresso, Chai, Almond or steamed milk. Just as delicious as it looked.

If you’re like me the beverage can be secondary to the “goodies”. Again Bump N Grind does not disappoint. Owners Cheryl and Kyle Wright have all the bases covered. With the exception of the gluten free selections (which are brought in to ensure their purity) all the other delectable offerings are made in house.

On offer yesterday were savoury mini muffins, croissant sandwiches, healthy bars, brownies, biscotti and the best ever, as close to homemade as I’ve ever tasted, cookies! The cookies are incredible from the shortbread sandwich cookies called “melting moments” to my favourite, the way too addictive, “salted toffee popcorn cookie”.

So what are you waiting for?

Bump N Grind’s South Granville location is open 7 – 7 weekdays, 8 – 7 weekends


Bump n Grind Commercial Drive

916 Commercial drive
Vancouver, BC
V5L 3W7 
604 – 569 – 3362

Bump n Grind Granville Street

3010 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3J8 
604 – 558 – 4743





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