Beyond hearts and flowers

Celebrated chocolate-artists and pastry chefs, Dominique and Cindy Duby of Wild Sweets are back with their delectable sugary treats for Valentines Day. Chocolates make the most traditional gifts for this occasion however; there is nothing traditional about these creations that are made with combinations of subtle flavours and sublime textures.

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Valentine ‘Harp & Heart’ cocoArt Sculpture ($19.99)– This musical themed chocolate sculpture makes the perfect romantic gift for your sweetheart. A chocolate sculpture of a ‘harp’ holding red and gold-flecked heart shaped chocolate, is painted with multiple layers of cocoa butter and filled with Hazelnut cinnamon praline cream and crispy French crepe cookie flakes.
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Valentine ‘Heart’ coco-Art Sculpture (12.99) This sculpture makes an incredible piece of art but tastes even better (hard to believe). Depicting a modern interpretation of the heart, this contemporary edible art is laced with roasted almonds and dry caramel flakes. Accompanied at its base is a heart shaped chocolate filled with hazelnut cinnamon and cookie flakes.
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Valentine’s Day Verrine ($5.85) renowned for their cocoa bean-to- bar verrines, this special Valentines day Verrine is layered from bottom to top with peanut butter crème brulee, cubes of moist bean to bar dark DR ‘La Red’ chocolate brownie, vintage ‘La Red’ milk chocolate Chantilly, raspberry puree gelee, nut powder and adorned with crispy cereal pearls themed with ‘Red & Gold’ chocolate heart décor.

wild sweets 4

Made for a limited time for Valentines Day, the sculptures and verrine are only available to purchase online at for pick up at the Atelier in Richmond at Unit 2245-12191 Hammersmith Way.


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