Faubourg Paris sets palates (and hearts) aglow with February features

Love (and luck) is the air! This February, Faubourg Paris is taking palates to soaring new heights with special Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year feature delicacies, in addition to new products of the month. With plenty of reasons to indulge and bikini season still a ways away, Faubourg’s monthly specials give your sweet tooth something to celebrate.

Share the love this Valentine’s Day with a selection of amour-inspired delicacies:

Passion Delight

faubourg 1

Almond sponge cake topped with passion fruit mousse, strawberry basil cream and raspberry coulis


Pink Macaron Heart

faubourg 2

Heart-shaped macaron shell filled with white chocolate & Grand Marnier mousse, and fresh raspberries


Valentine’s Éclair 

faubourg 3

Filled with raspberry pastry cream, fresh raspberries and lime chantilly, topped with marzipan.


Mini Marshmallows

faubourg 4

House-made strawberry, vanilla and raspberry mini marshmallows


Welcome a year filled with luck and prosperity with Chinese New Year-themed desserts:


Egg Custard Tart

faubourg 5

Classic Hong Kong-style egg custard tart with buttery crust and creamy filling


Sesame Cookies


faubourg 8

Shortbread-style cookie filled with toasted black and white sesame seeds


And that’s not all. In addition to these scrumptious seasonal treats, Faubourg is rolling out a special feature menu, available all month long.


S’more Macaron

faubourg 7
Crushed Graham Crackers, house made vanilla marshmallow and chocolate ganache in macaron shell


Strawberries & Cream Pastry 

faubourg 10
Vanilla diplomat cream and fresh cut strawberries, finished with a strawberry cream glaze, atop a walnut sponge cake


Tresse Sucré 

faubourg 11

Braided dough with layers of butter and caramelized sugar

Apricot & Pistachio Bread

faubourg 12

Rich pistachios and dried apricots in a fragrant loaf


Bao the Panda

faubourg 13

February’s Kids’ Pastry of the Month is Bao the Panda, made with light white chocolate mousse, raspberry gelée and decadent chocolate sponge cake


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