Faubourg Paris to launch traditional French brunch at Park Royal location, Friday, February 13

Freshly made crepes will be on offer in West Vancouver’s finest 
boulangerie pâtisserie, Friday through Sunday

Bon appetite! Faubourg Paris, a destination for irresistible French food, drinks and atmosphere, will begin serving up a three-day traditional French brunch at the Park Royal location, every weekend starting Friday, February 13. Just in time for Valentine’s Day and the location’s first anniversary, the French boulangerie pâtisserie is preparing to set palates aglow with mouthwatering options including sweet and savoury crepes such as banana and dark chocolate and salmon and cream cheese.

“We’re celebrating the first anniversary of our Park Royal location the best way we know how, with delicious and authentic French delicacies,” said Franck Point, Owner and Master Artisan of Faubourg Paris. “The crepe, a traditional paper-thin pancake prominent in French cuisine since the 19th century, offers the perfect canvas for sweet and savoury options alike.”


Every Friday through Sunday from 9:30AM to 3:00PM, foodies can flock to Faubourg Park Royal for a true taste of Paris in the form of a warm, freshly prepared crepe. Made with a traditional French recipe using wheat flour and filled with only the finest ingredients, Faubourg’s new brunch options include:


Savoury, $10.50

  • Salmon & Cream Cheese
  • Ham, Béchamel & Gruyere
  • Artichoke, Feta & Tapenade

Sweet, $9.50

  • White Chocolate & Strawberry
  • Pineapple & Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate & Banana

To learn more about how Faubourg offers a taste of the good life, from the old world to the new, visit www.faubourg.com.


About Faubourg Paris: Faubourg Paris, Vancouver’s answer to Parisian elegance and decadent gastronomic adventures, caters to sophisticated gourmands and amateur epicures alike. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Faubourg offers chic, contemporary settings and artisanal delights rivaling the famous boulangerie pâtisseries of Paris. Continually pushing the boundaries of perfection, Faubourg strives to inspire guests to adopt the French philosophy of experimenting with new tastes, allowing themselves to be seduced by food and indulging in the pleasures that fine cuisine can bring. Experience a taste of the good life, from the Old World to the New, at www.faubourg.com.


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