That is the What If…? 360 Experience.

Have you ever been to one of those conferences where you feel like you’re being lectured and just talked to?

Maybe you feverishly wrote down some notes as the speakers rambled through their materials and then tried to pitch you on something for sale?

Be honest. You attend a conference to get something out of it, not write useless notes you’ll never re-visit. Not to buy stuff.

Imagine an event where thought provoking mind-twisting questions were being asked on stage. Where critical perceptions and beliefs around society, leadership and community were challenged.

THEN… you were immediately engaged in constructive dialogue at your table with like minded leaders just like you. Where your table chewed on the questions until the meat of the answers released all its flavour.

That is the What If…? 360 Experience.

It’s an event like no other, empowering each person to leave, not with notes, ideas and a credit card bill… but a fresh perspective, actionable steps and life skills to make change a reality.

With that said, you’re invited to one of Vancouver’s most incredible events where you can take part in the discussion! Share your thoughts and really walk away with some serious life hacking skills!

I’ve even managed to hook you up with a discount but make sure you use my promo code:



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