City Side Winery Presents The Wellness Room

City Side Winery Presents The Wellness Room


City Side Winery (Vancouver’s newest and hottest venue!) is announcing the upcoming opening of The Wellness Room—a concept that asks us to view the space as an extension of our own living rooms, encouraging a unique social culture for those residing in or visiting the Olympic Village.


Powered by Commodity Juicery and featuring wellness bits and bites courtesy of Amoda Tea, Eightfold Eats, Continental Coffee, and Featherlight Detox Tea, the winery will now be featuring a bright and comfortable space from 8-4pm Monday through Friday for our wellness warriors, YVR moms, and anyone else who’s looking for a chic new place to meet with friends, socialize, and be well one fresh pressed juice at a time!

Be Well, Day or Night

Pulling double duty on the wellness front means providing patrons with healthy juices, teas, coffees, and snacks during the day, and emphasizing the health benefits of sipping a great glass of wine while taking in the lively street view and getting cozy in a unique, warm and inviting atmosphere.

City Side Winery

Having opened its doors a short 8 weeks ago on February 4th, City Side Winery is owned by Homan Haftbaradaran, founder and winemaker. Coming from a place of wellness, Homan wanted to create a space that represents an extension of one’s own living room; a place to mingle and socialize while listening to live music.

Whether your drink of choice is fresh pressed juice or velvety smooth red wine, City Side Winery will make your days and nights better, one healthy sip at a time.

Conveniently located in the Olympic Village at 328 West 2nd Street, Vancouver, this venue will grow on you, your family, and your friends, alike. The anticipated launch for The Wellness Room is mid-April, so stay tuned for an exact date by visiting City Side Winery on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and please use #WellnessRoomYVR!

Visit soon, and be well.

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