Winspiration Day Comes to Vancouver!

Winspiration Day Comes to Vancouver!

If you’ve never heard of Winspiration Day, you’re not alone. Until this year, this international event has been celebrated all over the world; but never in Vancouver.

2016 is different!

On May 7th, Vancouverites can celebrate this day of love, acceptance, strength, and dream-building at the Orpheum Annex at 823 Seymour Street from 3-5pm. So what exactly is Winspiration Day?

Good question.

The Message

Winspiration Day is a designated day for everyone to celebrate the potential of his or her own capabilities. It’s about discovering the possibilities that we’re all privy to, and choosing to mindfully shape our lives in the direction of happiness and success.

The message is this: by encouraging one another to work through difficult times and circumstance, we can ultimately reach for the stars and achieve our dreams. Winspiration Day is a day for reset. It reminds us that our fate is always in our own hands, and we always have a choice!

And what better time for a reset, than spring?!

The Speakers

The event will feature 3 inspirational speakers that are sure to motivate! They include:

Adam Hart

Adam Hart is the founder and CEO of Power of Food. As a former overweight couch potato turned mountain athlete and best-selling author, Adam’s also a highly sought after keynote speaker who has performed over 400 speaking engagements in the past 10 years.

As a proud father, loving husband, lifestyle entrepreneur, and expert on living with more energy and less stress, Adam delivers tangible results to countless organizations across Canada by providing cost-effective employee stress management solutions.

He believes that if we simply do what inspires us, we will reap the rewards and see great results in all areas of our lives.

Lucila McElroy

Lucila McElroy is the Co-Founder of The Gratitude Graffiti Project and the Administrative Director at Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver. She’s a mother of three, and a Coach U graduate life coach with over a decade of experience coaching people to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Her work primarily focuses on the relationship between how we see the world and how this lens can either positively or negatively impact our well-being, our sense of peace, our motivation, and our actions.

With her mission being to assist people in developing healthy habits of the mind, Lucila’s work has been featured in print, radio and TV including Real Simple Magazine, Global TV, and The Vancouver Sun.

Dr. Divi Chandna

Dr. Chandna is a family physician, medical intuitive, and mind, body, spirit medicine coach. After running into her own health issues in her early twenties — including chronic pain, food sensitivities, recurrent infections, and depression — she found she was able to truly heal with a combination of meditation and yoga.

As part of her mission to truly help people, she has studied a number of alternative healing techniques, and now helps people at the College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine. Dr. Chandna believes that the body can self-heal, and teaches people that our true healer is inside of ourselves.

The Details

If you think you’d benefit from an afternoon of learning, love, and light, come to Winspiration Day!

  • Where: The Orpheum Annex at 823 Seymour Street, Vancouver.
  • When: May 7th from 3-5pm.
  • How: Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Get winspired and attend Vancouver’s first-ever Winspiration Day celebration! You can also learn more about the event from the organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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