Hidden “bone-chilling, site specific horror adventure”


Hidden is a thrilling, theatrical experience described as a “bone-chilling, site specific horror adventure”.  The production begins with a van ride with an intimate audience of 13 people where we are introduced to the three young university students of The Lost Lovers Murder Tour and learn about their untimely demise twenty years ago in the forest.

Not for the faint of heart, the show continues as the van arrives at the UBC Botanical Gardens. Armed only with flashlights, audience members are taken along the 310m long Greenheart TreeWalk’s single-file aerial bridges and platforms in the dark, observing various scenes that recreate the gruesome last moments of three young students.

Local cast members including Georgia Beaty, Mike Klemak, Brett Harris, Shauna Griffin, Leslie Dos Remdios and Zac Scott give a compelling, enthusiastic, and entertaining performance supported by a strong production and design team (Amy McDougall, Cheyenne Maberly, Chris Adams, Jennifer Stewart, and Olivier Lunardi.  Written by Playwright and co-director Sebastien Archiblad, and award-winning Director Chelsea Haberlin, audience members are immersed in a “slasher-inspired work that is part historic murder tour, part outdoor adventure and part meta-theatrical thriller.” While further details could be revealed, it is better to participate in this horror adventure rather than spoil several intriguing and engaging twists and turns!

Originally scheduled for a shorter run, Itsazoo’s Hidden,  has been extended until November 19th.  For tickets and further information, please go their website: www.itsazoo.org

It is important to note that Hidden contains graphic violence and course language.  It is not suitable for people under the age of 16.  This is a promenade play that requires the audience to walk in minimal light through the forest and suspension-like bridges, so easy of mobility is necessary.  This experience is not recommended for people who have a fear of heights of the dark.  Dress for the elements as Hidden takes place rain or shine.

If you are able to get tickets for this soon to be sold out production,  stay with the group and be prepared to be frightened!

Christine Potter-Smith

Twitter: Chris Potter-Smith (@cpottersmith)


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