Dine Out Vancouver at The Cascade Room, January 20 – February 5


The Cascade Room on Main Street is making its Dine Out Vancouver Festival debut, offering a three-course, $30 dinner menu loaded with hearty dishes, January 20 through February 5. Diners will also have the option of enhancing their dining experience with delicious add-ons available for an additional cost.

Crafted by Executive Chef Tim Evans, the menu stays true to Cascade Room’s UK pub inspiration with a variety of satisfying selections, including chickpea tikka masala and a venison burger. Two options are offered for both the starter and main – along with an extra “enhance” dish (available for an additional cost) for all three courses. Diners can finish the Dine Out meal on a sweet note with a double chocolate brownie, or choose to add-on the artisanal cheese plate. Suggested VQA pairings by the glass are available in 3oz, 5oz or 8oz servings.

The Cascade Room

Dine Out Vancouver Festival Menu

January 20 – February 5

First Course

Fire Roasted Red Pepper Arancini

confit garlic aioli

suggested pairing: haywire pinot gris – 3oz $5 | 5oz $9.5 | 8oz $14


Organic Green Salad

toasted almonds, goat cheese, pickled beets, 20 year balsamic

add maple bourbon pork belly $5

suggested pairing: church & state chardonnay – 3oz $6.5 | 5oz $11 | 8oz $16.5

enhance $4

Smoked Bacon Sausage

two rivers pork sausage, pickled sauerkraut, white wine, double smoked bacon, riesling mustard

suggested pairing: great northern viognier – 3oz $5 | 5oz $9.5 | 8oz $14

Second Course

Alberta Venison Burger 

grilled apple and huckleberry chutney, stilton cheese, arugula & kennebec chips

add maple bourbon pork belly $5

suggested pairing: kettle valley brakeman’s select merlot blend – 3oz $5 | 5oz $9.5 | 8oz $14


Chickpea Tikka Masala 

creamy tomato curry, basmati rice, poppadum, cilantro, mango chutney, pickled red onion

substitute chicken $3 • add naan $3

suggested pairing: joie noble blend – 3oz $6.5 | 5oz $11 | 8oz $16.5

enhance $4

Grilled BC Pork Chop

rosemary roasted potatoes, lardons, pearl onions, arugula, apple puree, pan jus

suggested pairing: church & state pinot noir – 3oz $6.5 | 5oz $11 | 8oz $16.5

Third Course

Double Chocolate Brownie

peanut butter mousse, rum caramel

suggested pairing: Okanagan Crush Pad Narrative Fortified Small Batch – 2oz $7

enhance $4

Artisanal Cheese Plate

candied figs, apple, cornichon, crusty baguette

suggested pairing: Okanagan Crush Pad Narrative Fortified Small Batch – 2oz $7

The Cascade Room is accepting reservations during Dine Out Vancouver at thecascade.ca/reservation. Cascade Room’s Dine Out Vancouver menu can be viewed online, here.

The Cascade Room

2616 Main Street


Open daily from 3 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 12 pm on Saturday and Sunday.


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