“Playing With a Lion’s Testicles” with Melissa Haynes


I have never played with a lion’s testicles nor had I thought about doing so until author and TEDxStanleyPark speaker Melissa Haynes brought this South African term to my attention. To play with a lion’s testicles is to “to take foolhardy chances” and “to summon the courage to do something that scares and thrills you”.

In other words, to grab life by the you-know-whats.

When she was a young girl, Hayne’s felt a powerful desire to be a writer and to use her life to create art. But, as so many dreams do, her aspirations to write were tucked away for more “sensible”, conventional goals as she grew up.

Many of us never achieve the dreams of our childhoods or adolescence. Unfortunately, all too many of us can remember a time when a childhood dreams were dismissed as being impractical or too difficult.
For Haynes, it was the vision of one day being a published author. For myself, it was when my sister informed me that it was not, in fact, possible to one day become Wilma Flintstone.

Throughout her adult life, Haynes grew a successful career for herself and ignored the calling she had to write and pursue creativity. This was until she suffered a painful loss in her personal life, through which she learned the value of doing what makes your heart happy while you have the opportunity. This lesson sparked Haynes’ journey to Africa, where she had a transformative experience volunteering on a wild game reserve.

Her time in Africa taught her countless lessons about courage, possibility, and the potential for happiness. Haynes now brings all of these to the TEDxStanleyPark stage on March 4th to share with you and an auditorium full of people the powerful impact of playing with a lion’s testicles.

The most frequently cited regret of dying people is that they never achieved their dreams and ambitions. Melissa Haynes’ talk is an inspiration to ask yourself what all you are missing out on by ignoring your callings and passions.

This talk is or anyone who wonder if they are living up to their full potential or anybody who feels unfulfilled. Which, unfortunately, is very likely all of us. So join myself and a theatre full of people in finding out how YOU can play with lion’s testicles in your own life.

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TEDxStanleyPark: Inspiring Brave Actions

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Melissa Haynes
Author, conservationist, and traveller


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  1. Jorin – you can be Wilma Flintstone, with your creativity and imagination, anything is possible!
    So lovely to meet you Jorin.
    Keep Playin’!


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