“Playing With a Lion’s Testicles” with Melissa Haynes

  I have never played with a lion’s testicles nor had I thought about doing so until author and TEDxStanleyPark speaker Melissa Haynes brought this South African term to my attention. To play with a lion’s testicles is to “to take foolhardy chances” and “to summon the courage to do something that scares and thrills … Read more

#FridayFavourites for January 13 to January 20 (#dovf starts)

  Here is our list of favourite things to do January 13 to 20 as well as upcoming events you need to get moving on buying your tickets or making reservations. So what are you waiting for? #dovf starts January 20   DINE OUT VANCOUVER CELEBRATES 15 YEARS OF EXCEPTIONAL FOOD AND DRINK:   WildTale plunges … Read more

TEDxStanleyPark speaker Mike Shaw

  Grief is a universal and timeless concept. From the loud, chanting funeral processions of the middle ages to the modern day influx on social media feeds upon the death of a treasured celebrity; grieving has always and will always be a facet of both individuals and of communities. It’s a staple theme in academia, … Read more

TEDxStanleyPark Jill Prescott: “Let Me Tell You a Secret”

  We all have our secrets. Big or small, suffocating or insignificant; they exist. Families have skeletons in the closet, politicians have ulterior motives, artists have their visions. Even Colonel Sanders had his chicken recipe. Far too often, we do what feels most natural with these secrets; we keep them a secret. It is safe … Read more

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