ABOVE THE HOSPITAL (Midtwenties Theatre Society & Red Gate Arts Society)


Newly formed Vancouver theatre company Midtwenties Theatre Society, along with Red Gate Arts Society, is thrilled to present the world premiere of their first original theatre production, Above the Hospital, from Friday, January 12 to Sunday, January 21, 2018 at the Red Gate Revue Stage.

In 2017 Trudeau-era, two lower-class Vancouver millennials – the rational nursing student, Lauren, and her older, aspiring, musician-boyfriend, Cameron – live together in an overly priced, tiny apartment above a hospital. One night, a poor experience at a restaurant forces them to come back to their dingy abode earlier than expected. A casual evening of sex, pot, and talk turns into a casual night of drinking, arguing and reminiscing about the past, until unexpected guests arrive at their door and disrupt their stable existence, forcing them to re-examine themselves in the face of an unknown future.

Written and directed by Midtwenties Theatre Society’s Beau Han Bridge, Above the Hospital features performances by Tristan Smith (Posh) as Cameron, Zack Currie (This Is Our Youth) as Bo, Nadya Debogorski (A Game of You) as Abbey, Aaron Paul Stewart (The Flick) as Michael and debut performances from emerging artists Mira Maschmeyer as Lauren, and Emma Young as Natasha. Above the Hospital is Beau’s first original theatre production.

“I am beyond excited to debut this first-ever world premiere of Above the Hospital for Midtwenties Theatre Society”, says Beau Han Bridge, who has penned and directed the production. “Being a non-profit with the intention of creating theatre about millennials and coming-of-age themes, this original piece serves as a perfect chronicle of thoughts and societal challenges that one faces under the guise of no direction. There comes a time in your mid-twenties when the roads become nonlinear and one must make a decision as to where to go, forcing us to look back on our mistakes and plan out a future in a world that is beyond our control – the conflict that arises from this moment in time is where the drama is born, and what will be presented to audiences.”

Credits for Above the Hospital:

Playwright & Director: Beau Han Bridge

Managing Director: Stephanie Cho

Assistant Director: Jesse Ajohn

Performers: Mira Maschmeyer, Tristan Smith, Zack Currie, Nadya Debogorski, Aaron Paul Stewart, & Emma Young

Set & Lighting Design: Beau Han Bridge

Stage Manager: Dakota Vegh

Tech Manager: Mariessa McLeod

Dramaturgy: Tiffany Mo

DATES:  January 12-21, 2018

OPENING NIGHT:  January 13 at 7pm

PREVIEW:  January 12 at 7pm

PERFORMANCE TIMES:  January 12-21, 7pm

VENUE:  Red Gate Revue Stage at Granville Island | 1601 Johnston Street

TICKETS:  $20; available online at www.mtstheatre.com


For more information, please visit the following platforms:

Website: www.mtstheatre.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mtstheatre

Instagram: www.instagram.com/midtwentiestheatre

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MTStheatre


About Midtwenties Theatre Society:

Midtwenties Theatre Society is the newest addition to Vancouver’s theatre community. The non-profit company was established by Canadian-Chinese actor, filmmaker and director, Beau Han Bridge. His passion for theatre, which he developed in high school after an unfortunate mountain biking accident, and his drive to create and present innovative works that draw upon contemporary issues and themes less explored amongst mainstream theatre led him to create Midtwenties Theatre Society. www.mtstheatre.com


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