A sixteenth birthday is often seen as a watershed year – signifying a coming of age. Sixteen years ago was 2002 and it seems like such a long time ago – especially when it pertains to the life of a restaurant. In Vancouver’s fast-paced food scene where restaurants open and close frequently, it is comforting to know that excellence not only survives but thrives with the patina of 16 years.

February 20 marks the sixteenth anniversary of Provence Marinaside, the second ‘restaurant child’ of Chef/owners Jean Francis and Alessandra Quaglia. “So much has changed, and yet not changed” says Chef Jean Francis. “There are some dishes still on the menu that were on the original menu 16 years ago. They’ve become our signatures, and our guests would be very upset if we took them off.  Many of our staff, like general manager Lisa Baldwin, have been with us since day one. We completely redesigned the restaurant three years ago to give it a fresh contemporary look and increased our wine program by installing 47 wine taps. Back in 2002, we served only a few wines-by-the-glass, now, with the new technology, we offer 201 – the largest selection in western Canada!”

To mark Provence Marinaside’s Sweet Sixteen, the restaurant has a number of special promotions and features planned.

  • February 20th for dinner will be a ‘Sweet Sixteen Party’ with 16 percent off everything on the menu including bottles of wine
  • From February 20 through March 8 (16 days) follow Provence Marinaside’s Instagram account (@provencemarinaside) to catch 16 Instagram-only daily special offers, featured items and contests.
  • Starting February 21 through to the end of March, Provence Marinaside’s  Sweet Sixteen Menu will highlight 17 dishes that have been on the menu since the beginning. Each of these (such as Mamie Suzanne’s Fish Soup, Provence’s famed Plateau de Fruits de Mer and their Bouillabaisse) will be discounted by 16 percent for the entire time of the promotion.
  • Do you celebrate a 16th anniversary in 2018? Then come for dinner at Provence and they will have a special dessert platter just for you during the promotion.

“It’s been a wonderful 16 years and we look forward to celebrating this anniversary with our regulars and new patrons,” says Chef Alessandra. “As they say in French ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’ – only it’s better.”

Drop by Provence from February 20 through March 31 and help them celebrate 16 years of great food, fabulous wine and  friendly service.

Alessandra & Jean Francis Quaglia, February 20, 2002

Provence Marinaside
1177 Marinaside Crescent
Vancouver, BC

(Next door to Provence Marinaside)
1167 Marinaside Crescent
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y3
604-681-4144 ext 8


Rack of Lamb

Plateau de Fruits de Mer

Provence offer’s 201 wines by the glass, the largest selection in western Canada

Quaglia Family now

Black & white archive images by Shane O’Brien
 Colour images by Emrys Horton

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