Vancouver TheatreSports™ Proves Going Back to School Can Be Fun

Ah, high school. I remember it well, even though it was (ahem) ‘many’ decades ago.  For me, it meant mounds of homework, getting used to co-ed classes, slogging through the awkward, teen angst years, and being part of the chorus (AGAIN??) in the annual musical production. And what do you know? The quick-witted ensemble cast of Vancouver TheatreSports™ must have been reading my mind in their newest hilarious production, Back to School TheatreSports, because they totally lampooned those high school experiences, and more.

Here’s the scenario. Two rival school teams, the annoyingly gleeful Glee Club (Margret Nyfors, Lauren McGibbon and Chris Casillan) and the wonderfully brooding Goths (Allen Morrison, Amy Shostak and Elizabeth Bowen) are vying for a cash prize that will help them achieve a huge goal. The Glee Club wants to get enough dough to rent an EVO car to Red Deer for a competition, while the Goths, true to form, want to purchase moody black gym uniforms. And crusty Principal Taz VanRassel is a moderator with a deep dark secret. (But we won’t tell!)

Mr. VanRassel puts these kids through their paces, with a series of audience-inspired tasks that had the talented troupe pulling out all the classic improv stops that left everyone in stitches. In fact, some audience suggestions had Mr. V actually tossing the dreaded yellow towel for coming dangerously close to crossing the decency line at a 7:30 pm show! The Glee Club prevailed, so they’re off to Red Deer, but my heart was with the underdog Goths.

Mind you, that was one night’s performance. Part of the fun of improv is that no two shows will ever be the same, and that’s part of the magic.

By the way, improv isn’t the easiest class in the curriculum – in fact, it’s darn hard. Imagine having any number of wildly unreal suggestions thrown out that you have to use to create something fast-paced and funny and off the top of your head within seconds. Everyone delivered – and there was no time for studying!

And you know what’s even better than watching these players perform? Being part of the action. Audience participation is encouraged, and I happily joined the cast for a skit that involved following the gang along and mimicking their many dance moves on a pitch dark stage with all the lights in our eyes. It’s was a hoot – and those who know me will find this even more hysterical.

Back to School TheatreSports runs from Tuesdays through Saturdays till October 6th at 7:30pm at The Improv Centre on Granville Island. Tickets start as low as $10.75 for students. Visit for complete details.

Go. Bring the whole class. Heck, invite the teacher too. You’ll all love it.

A+, Vancouver TheatreSports. Come up and get your gold star.


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