The Premier Cyrpto Mining Conference of the Year – March 12 in Vancouver

MPWR Summit Brings Global Blockchain Leaders to Vancouver BC company hosts summit to showcase Canada’s booming cryptocurrency mining industry.

Blockchain Infrastructure Research is proud to present MPWR Crypto Mining Summit 2019, on March 12, 2019, at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.

MPWR 2019 brings together an international group of medium to large-scale crypto miners, researchers, utility companies, power producers, machine learning enthusiasts, developers, regulators, and political leaders to discuss the crypto mining industry. Some of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the digital mining industry, including its nexus with AI, will be addressed by the curated lineup of 10+ expert speakers. Other highlights will include discussions on mining network trends, ‘green’ mining, evaluating crypto mining firms, and the emerging regulatory landscape.

MPWR 2019 presents a curated lineup of 15+ world renowned speakers, expert discussions, technical innovations, and investment and networking opportunities for individuals and companies involved in the crypto mining industry. Expected among the attendees are some of the world’s largest players — including MiningSky, Bitmain, NEST Blockchain, Carbon X, Podtech Innovations Inc, as well as utility companies like BC Hydro, representatives of the Canadian government and financial institutions, manufacturers from China and tradespersons.

While the audience will be comprised of mostly intermediate to advanced market participants, Blockchain Infrastructure Research’s Chief Executive Officer, Tanya Smith, expects “a sellout event.” Smith says “We are excited to share the latest developments and opportunities in crypto mining and are looking forward to building strong partnerships with, and between our attendees. This event will show the world that Canada is a global leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency mining and it is time for our industry players to take a step into the spotlight.”

This mid-sized summit offers space for 400 industry professionals. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and debate latest developments and ideas, while collaborating with the industry’s forward-thinking leaders during interactive expert-level panel discussions.

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