Chef Victor Bongo helps Dominican Republic Family

I am honoured to call Victor Bongo a friend. He is a friend with a big heart and a generous spirit of helping others. I am not surprised to see him reaching out to help others in the Dominican Republic. As long as I have known Victor he has worked tirelessly for others, whether it be serving soup to the homeless on the streets of Vancouver in the winter or a project closer to his home in Naramata.

“I am Chef Bongo. Here is my story why I am helping to support the poor families in the Dominican Republic who are struggling and going without food due to the Covid 19.

I know this situation have been all over the world.  As the country have been lockdown I was not able to see what was happening in the outside or how people were struggling and suffering.

It was about a week ago a friend invited me over to his family house for lunch and they lived in the low-income poor area.   I knew his family didn’t have much food, but I also knew that they will feel insulted if I said no.  So, I went and enjoy nice Dominican lunch of rice, beans and chicken.

On my way out to head back to my place I heard a child crying out loud, so I approach the mother to ask what was wrong.  She had mentioned to me that he was crying because he was hungry, and she didn’t have any food to feed him and that she was waiting for her sister to bring over some food.  After hearing that I ran to the corner store and I brought bread, cheese and juice and offered to her and the rest of the kids. This was a single mother of 4 kids, no Husband and no financial support.  As I kept walking and looked around me I notice that all those families around were struggling and had nothing.  Seeing the kids laying out there with no food and water in the hot heat temperature really broke my heart.  When I got home. I could not stop thinking about those in needs and those who struggles the most.

That is when I said I need to do something to help.  Anything. The best way I knew I could help was to buy food and deliver to their homes to last them a few days.

I really want the people to open their eyes and see those who struggle every day to survive.   I had shared what I did on social people to get everyone attention that we all need to stick together and help those in need even with a little bit.   In the Dominican Republic a little goes a long way.  I started a go fund me link to raise money to help and buy more food for these families.   My goal is to continue helping every week with the support of everyone.  This is a new journey I’m taking on until things get better in the world and these families can see the light.

With the Corona virus it has caused people from working and being in the street selling goods to survive and provide for their families.  They have no way of income, no way of food and my heart goes to them all. Together we can help as much as possible until they see the light again.  I know right now is difficult time for everyone in the world. But I only ask to open your eyes and now that even a little bit helps and will save lives.  Money being raised will provide food and water for the families.  I need all your help and we can stick together as one and help another.  Please share this let’s help those in need 1 meal at a time.”

T. Victor Bongo

Help can be made on the link or email transfer can be made at

You can help by donating here. Help by Sharing.


Media release and images provided by Victor Bongo.

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