#ShiptoSip with Mission Hill Family Estate

An outstandingly beautiful location the winery is set high above the lake with vistas that seem endless. Crafting wines that include the Terroir Collection, Reserve and Legacy Collection.

Featured here for your sipping pleasure are the Terroir, Reserve and a Sparkling wine to #ShiptoSip. If I had to pick a specially curated list of wines that would both be enjoyable and excellent for pairing with my favourite dishes I couldn’t think of a better selection than what is presented here. This is a reflection of fulfillment.


2019 Terroir Collection Border Vista Rosé 

Refined yet expressive. Wild strawberry and ruby red grapefruit with an amazingly complex and seamless texture.

$30 available online

2018 Reserve Riesling

Vibrant acidity and incredible freshness, complemented with crisp pear, green apple, juicy lime and a stony minerality.

$21.99 available online

2018 Reserve Pinot Noir 

A charming classic, the Reserve Pinot Noir delights with layers of red fruit and brambleberry. Delicate tannins, savoury note and a subtle hint of herbal spice deliver a complex wine that is sure to enchant.

$27.99 available online

Exhilaration Brut Rosé 

A summer bouquet of raspberries, peach and freshly cut watermelon. The effervescence and bright acidity develop into an uplifting and crisp finish.

$35 available online

Mission Hill Family Estate

Discover the range of the Okanagan Valley through our collection of wines and enjoy complimentary shipping on all orders.  (with no minimum order)


The Okanagan Valley is a place of great beauty and history. As a grape-growing and wine-producing region, its future is full of promise.

Nestled between the snow-capped Coastal Mountains to the west and the Monashee Mountains to the east, the Okanagan valley extends north from the Canada-US border for about 160 kilometres (100 miles). Glacial lakes run the length of the valley, providing a moderating influence on the climate.

The Okanagan Valley also boasts Canada’s only desert. The Sonoran Desert, beginning in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, runs north to Oliver, British Columbia. The southern end of the valley, near the US border, receives roughly 12 inches of annual precipitation, a small amount of which is snow.

Most of the vineyards are planted on benches above the valley floor; on varying degrees of slope that assist with air drainage, improves frost protection and increases the amount of sun the vines receive.


Our goal at Mission Hill Family Estate is to ensure that future generations of farmers will continue to produce the Okanagan Valley’s finest grapes and visitors will be able to enjoy the area’s majestic beauty.

Sustainability is critical to that long-term success. As a family-owned winery with strict control over our operations, vineyards, and quality, we are able to infuse sustainability into a variety of stages both in the vineyards and at the winery.

We have taken several steps to keep that promise.

Tasting notes and bottle shots provided by Morgan Sommerville, Serena PR. Information courtesy of the winery. Feature image: view from The Terrace, MyVanCity photo.

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