Read the Adventures of Bizou + Yukon by Okanagan Crush Pad

Read the Adventures of Bizou + Yukon by Okanagan Crush Pad

Looking for ways to stay entertained? Read Okanagan Crush Pad’s stories about Summerland’s most mischievous pups.

When it feels like June-uary instead of summer and you’re stuck inside, curl up with a few quirky reads and checkout the Adventures of Bizou + Yukon by Okanagan Crush Pad.

Bizou + Yukon are two Great Pyrenees who document their travels, visit other winery dogs, and share what it’s like to live in Summerlandia. Their stories are rated G and would be considered family-friendly, but as there is alcohol involved, we would like to note that they are meant for “bigger kids” who are 19+.

Besides being excellent scribes, Bizou + Yukon have also released their own wine label. Visit for all three “tail-biting” stories and the recently launched wine brand.

To tune into the ongoing story week to week, follow @BizouYukon.

Adventures of Bizou + Yukon by Okanagan Crush Pad

About Bizou + Yukon

Bizou + Yukon is the name of a wine brand by Okanagan Crush Pad. A joyful wine project that pays homage to the winery’s beloved Great Pyrenees, keepers of sheep, and guardians of a property in Summerland. The brand and wines are fun, approachable, and a tribute to the winery staff and the BC wine industry. Bizou + Yukon launched with three wines: a white called Savvy Gris, a red called Savvy Franc, and a rosé called Pinkie Rosé with more to the lineup coming soon.

12 bespoke labels depicting the imagined adventures of the two white dogs are in every case. Wines can be purchased online or at the winery. Follow along on Instagram, @BizouYukon.

Media release and images provided by Giulia Sa Barreto, Town Hall Brands.

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